Commercial Washing Machine Troubleshooting
Commercial Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Commercial Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Commercial Washing Machine Troubleshooting When commercial laundry equipment is down you’re losing out on potential sales and limiting productivity. Avoid machine down time to ensure multi-housing, on-premise or vended laundries are always running at max efficiency delivering top productivity and profitability. Regardless of your diligence performing preventative maintenance tasks washers and dryers eventually need repairs to operate at peak performance. Luckily not every repair requires a service professional. If you have the right laundry parts you can solve these five common washer and dryer problems to get your machines back up and running.

Commercial Washing Machine Malfunctions

Washer doesn’t fill with water

Commercial Washing Machine Troubleshooting This problem needs to be addressed right away and you should immediately look at the inlet hose. First check if the washer inside the hose is damaged or if there is a kink in the hose – if there is a leak in the hose you might be able to install a temporary patch before replacing the entire inlet hose. While installing a new inlet hose always remember to keep the hose straight to avoid potential damage in the future.

Water doesn’t stop running

Immediately check the overflow switch. This switch detects when the washer tub is full and automatically stops the water flow. Before installing a replacement overflow switch make sure to check if the switch is disconnected.

Tub fills with water but doesn’t spin

Before checking any parts in your machine first adjust the load – if the clothes are packed too tight in the tub this affects the ability to spin. Next check the lid safety switch usually located beneath the main top with a protruding protective lid. This switch supplies power to the timer and motor circuits and activates when the lid closes properly. A tripped switch either needs to be reconnected or replaced.

Washer doesn’t drain

This problem can occur when the drain pump is clogged or damaged. This is a big problem because if water isn’t removed from the tub the machine won’t advance to the next portion of the cycle. The first thing you need to check is if small items have gotten stuck inside the drain pump.


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