Hobart Slicer Troubleshooting
Hobart Slicer Troubleshooting

Hobart Slicer Troubleshooting

Hobart Slicer Troubleshooting Hobart meat slicers make food prep as easy as possible. That’s why they’re the preferred choice for many restaurants, delis and other establishments around the world. When your unit gets used frequently, it can break or experience natural wear over time. Whether it’s not running or slicing properly, identifying the root cause can be tricky. We have an easy list of tips for Hobart slicer troubleshooting, so you can get your unit working again.

Hobart Slicer Troubleshooting Solutions

Won’t Start

Hobart is very keen on safety, which is why their slicers have safeguards in place to keep them from starting in certain situations. Always check if your Hobart slicer doesn’t have a damaged power cord or isn’t plugged in. If neither is the case, look for the following issues:

  • Carriage is not in the “home” position
  • Home switch or start switch malfunction
  • Wall outlet circuit or ground fault circuit is open

An overworked slicer could also keep you unit from starting. Reset your machine by pressing the overload reset button located underneath the unit.

Stops Running

There are a few problems that could stop your slicer from running during operation. The carriage tray, which holds the meat as it’s being sliced, needs to be installed properly to continue running. If it’s not installed, the machine will stop operating. A faulty index knob or gauge plate switch, which controls the thickness of slices, also could halt the unit.

Automatic Operation Stops

Automatic operation is one of the many benefits of select Hobart meat slicers. If the knife stops automatically turning, look for these causes:

  • Not set in automatic mode
  • Auto/Man or auto speed sensor malfunction (will need to be repaired by an authorized Hobart technician)
  • Auto speed position sensor vane needs to be cleaned
  • Circuit breaker needs to be reset

Hard to Slice

A dull knife can keep making slicing meat difficult. Check if the knife blade needs to be sharpened or replaced by an authorized Hobart technician. If the blade is in good shape, look for wear on the transport brushings or carriage slide rod. When routinely lubricating a Hobart slicer, make sure to lubricate the rod to ensure easy slicing.

Slices Poorly

A dull slicer knife blade is the biggest culprit behind poorly sliced meat. If the knife is fine, look for the potential problems listed below:

  • Knife is too small for machine
  • Top cover is missing or not adjusted properly
  • Sharpener mounting pins are loose
  • Sharpener stones are worn
  • Grip arm is binding
  • Fence is missing
  • Wrong carriage tray is on slicer

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