Ariston Refrigerator Error Codes

Ariston Refrigerator Error Codes Ariston fridges are available in a range of built-in, integrated, and freestanding. Capabilities and sizes are designed to suit the needs of your kitchen, cooking, and storage. Energy efficiency is guaranteed – and features include automatic defrost, adjustable shelves and feet, and a visual warning system if things malfunction.

Ariston Refrigerator Error Code Solutions

Error codeDescription
F01The motor-compressor start protection relay is malfunctioning. Diagnose the element, replace it with a working one in case of its final breakdown.
F02Relay (Start-up protection) in the motor-compressor has opened. Inspect it and the contacts. Install a new item if necessary.
F03There is a malfunction in the power board or a complete breakdown. It is necessary to check the serviceability of the board, put the working one if necessary.
F04In the freezer compartment, the rotation of the cooling fan is not detected at the time of cooling operation. Need replacement or repair fan.
F05The system detects the formation of a defect in the electronically controlled damper. Before changing it to a new one, make sure that the element is completely broken.
F06The defrost tube control thyristor is defective. A detailed diagnosis of this part is required. Contact your nearest service or repair center.
F07The integrity of the power circuit of the tubular defrost heater has been violated. It is necessary to ring the tester all parts of the circuit, replace the burnt wire.
F08The solenoid valve is out of order. Contact the wizard. Find the reasons, repair or replace the item.
F09(EEPROM) The electronic erasable programmable permanent recording device has failed, the firmware has flown. Need to update the device firmware.
F10For the No-Frost series – means damage to the on / off damper. For the CCZ series, the secondary solenoid valve is broken. It is necessary to conduct a diagnosis, contact the wizard.
F11Indicates a defect or failure of the fan control thyristor in the cooling compartment. Detailed diagnostics are required. Contact the service center or repair technician.
F12There is no communication between the control board and the LCD. It is necessary to check the serviceability of wires and contacts, to restore communication.
F13At the time of the program in the refrigerator compartment, a malfunction or a complete stop of the cooling fan was recorded. Inspect, diagnose, repair, or replace the fan.
F14The system detected a defect in the power board. You need to ring the elements to find the reason, check the contacts. In the event of a complete breakdown, replace with a new board.
F15Malfunction of the thyristor control tubular electric heater Mutiflow-system. Specialist intervention is required to find the problem and repair.
F16Damage to the fan in the refrigerator compartment. Separately for No-Frost – may indicate a malfunction of the tubular electric heater of the Mutiflow system. Call of the master and repair.
F17For models with Ever Fresh, this means a breakdown of the vacuum pump. For Aqua Care models – it will mean incorrect operation of the solenoid valve. Solving the problem requires the intervention of a wizard.
F18Faults in the Aqua Care solenoid valve detected. It is necessary to diagnose and repair the damaged element, it is possible to replace it with a new one.
F20A light bulb burned out in the refrigerator. Replace the lamp yourself with a new one or consult a service technician.
F21The temperature sensor (Negative Temperature Coefficient) is out of order. Check if the fault has been fixed by installing a working sensor instead of the old one.
F22A failure of the Electronic Temperature Coefficient in the refrigerator compartment has been detected. Install a new sensor.
F23Damage to the electronic temperature sensor in the refrigerator compartment. Replace the item yourself or by contacting the wizard.
F24Malfunction of the NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) temperature sensor located in the refrigerator compartment. Install a working item to resolve the problem.
F25A malfunction of the temperature meter of the refrigerator compartment was recorded. Need to replace the NTC sensor of the evaporator. Contact the repair center.
F26In the CCZ series – means the failure of the NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) air temperature sensor. Requires installation of a working item.
F28Malfunction of electronic circuit board element (liquid crystal display). It requires checking the operation of the screen board, ringing, repair or replacement.
F40Damage to the on / off key for any reason. Set the new ON / OFF key of the LCD.
F41Fault or failure of the “I Saga” key. You need to ring the contacts with the tester, replace the key with a new one.
F42The function key for the Holiday function has broken. It is required to ring the contacts using the tester, repair or replace with a new one.
F43The key responsible for the Ice Party function has broken. Inspect the contacts, they could oxidize, in which case they will need to be cleaned and the element will not need to be changed.
F44The Ever Fresh button has stopped working for some reason. Repair the button or install a working one instead.
F45The “Super Freeze” mode key does not respond. Check the element, clean the contacts, install a workable part.
F46The Super Cool key has stopped working. Call her contacts with a special tester, the problem may be in them.
F47The “Alarm message” mode button has ceased to transmit signals. Install a new one or try to repair an old one.
F49The “Frigo +” button is malfunctioning for unknown reasons. Change it to a working part.
F50Due to the breakdown of the “Frigo–” button, a working installation is required, having previously checked it.
F51You will need to install a working “CCZ” key for controlling the temperature. Preview the old one.
F52Installation of a new “Freezer +” button for temperature control in the freezer compartment is required.
F53The temperature control key “Freezer-” in the freezer section has failed. You will need to check the contacts before installing a new one, because the old one can be repaired.
FAThe deflector of the device has failed. Perform diagnostics, contact the repair wizard for advice.
FBThe problem is the constant operation of the compressor motor, it works without stopping. Inspect the refrigerator compartment for leaks. Also close the door again.
FEThis signal indicates the successful defrosting of the appliance. Inspect the camera, if it is completely defrosted, wipe and turn on the device.
A1In the freezer compartment, a temperature increase to a critical level was recorded. Contact a service center for diagnostics and repair of the freezing system.
A2The electronics fix a low temperature in the freezer. It will help to inspect, diagnose and repair the cooling system.

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