Indesit Refrigerator Error Codes
Indesit Refrigerator Error Codes

Indesit Refrigerator Error Codes

Indesit Refrigerator Error Codes In Indesit refrigerators, error codes are shown not only in models with a display – if there is no digital panel, the fault code can be recognized by the lights. But there are also layouts without error output – in this case, diagnostics are carried out to establish a malfunction.

Indesit Refrigerator Error Code Solutions

Error codeReason for the error
F1Faulty thermistor in the freezer
F2Freezer thermistor short circuit
F3Refrigerator thermistor circuit not closed
F4Refrigerator thermistor shorted
F7Thermistor not closed on the evaporator
F8The thermistor circuit on the evaporator is closed
F9Switch temperature sensor circuit not closed
FANo signal from deflector
FacebookContinuous operation of the refrigerator motor
F.E.The defrost time has elapsed.
Error codeReason for the error
F01The compressor relay is defective
F02Compressor enable relay open
F03Power board is defective
F04Freezer fan not rotating
F05The electronic damper is defective
F06The thyristor for controlling the defrosting heater has a defect
F07Heating element defrost interrupted
F08Solenoid valve defect
F09The Firmware Gathering program is faulty
F10For NO-FROST model: damper fault On-Off, for model with CCZ: secondary solenoid valve fault
F11The fan control thyristor in the refrigerator compartment is defective
F12No communication between control board and display board
F13The fan in the refrigerator compartment does not rotate
F14The power board is defective
F15The thyristor for controlling the heating element of the Multiflow system has a defect
F16Refrigerator fan does not rotate. For NO-FROST model: Multiflow heater does not turn on
F17For Ever Fresh model: defective vacuum pump, for Aqua Care model: defective solenoid valve
F18AQUA CARE solenoid valve defect
F20Refrigerator lamp burnout
F21NTC temperature sensor
F22Defective NTC temperature sensor in the refrigerator compartment
F23Defective NTC temperature sensor of the evaporator in the refrigerating chamber
F24Faulty NTC temperature sensor in the freezer
F25Faulty freezer evaporator NTC temperature sensor
F26The CCZ air NTC sensor is defective
F28Display board failure
F40On/Off Key Malfunction on Touch Screen
F41The I Care function key does not work
F42Holiday function key malfunction
F43Ice Party Key Malfunction
F44Ever Fresh Key Malfunction
F45Super Freeze key failure
F46Super Cool key failure
F47Key failure Alarm message
F49FRIGO key malfunction
F50FRIGO key malfunction
F51Malfunction of the CCZ key (temperature adjustment key in the variable temperature compartment)
F52Malfunction of the FREEZER “+” key (increase in temperature in the freezer)
F53Malfunction of the FREEZER “-” key (decrease the temperature in the freezer)


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