Burner Flame of Gas Stove Unstable
Burner Flame of Gas Stove Unstable

Burner Flame of Gas Stove Unstable ?

Burner Flame of Gas Stove Unstable ? Have you been noticing for some time now that the flames produced by the rings on your gas hob are irregular and unstable? Are they no longer producing that even and consistent blue colour around the entire circumference of the flame cap? Discover the various possible causes of this problem.

Why Is The Gas Stove Flame Unstable ?

The gas jet is blocked

The first potential cause of your problem to consider is a blocked gas jet. The jet (or injector, as it’s also know) serves to inject the gas into the burner cup. It is perforated on top with a hole of a very precise diameter to ensure the gas is delivered at the correct rate. If this hole is partially blocked (by liquid for example), the flow of gas will be affected, and this will end up having an impact on the quality of the flame, which will not burn correctly. To remedy this problem and ensure the production of a good quality flame, unblock the jet using a small brush or – if that proves insufficient – by inserting a fine needle into the hole. Important: you must absolutely avoid altering the diameter of the hole in the gas jet in any way when carrying out this procedure.

The gas jet is not suitable for the hob in question

A gas jet that is not suitable for the hob can lead to a bad quality flame being produced in the just the same way as a partially blocked jet can. When the hole is blocked, its diameter is effectively altered, which means the gas will not be delivered to the burner at the correct rate. The same problem occurs when the gas jet is not suitable for the hob in question and thus has a hole of an incorrect diameter. If this is the case, replace the jet with one specially made to suit your burner, appliance, type of gas, etc.

The openings on the burner crown are obstructed

Bad quality flames are frequently caused by obstructions or blockages in the openings on the burner crown. These can get blocked by dirt, fat/grease, spilt liquids and even residual water left behind after the hob has been cleaned.
If the openings are blocked by a non-liquid substance, first wash the crown, then unblock them using a fine tool (such as a toothpick for example). If the holes are simply full of liquid spilt from a pan or water left over from cleaning, wipe the crown to enable the production of a good quality flame.

The burner cup, cap or crown is misshapen

If the burner cup, crown or cap is misshapen, this can also lead to bad quality flames being produced. Have you noticed that any of these components is misshapen? If you have, you will need to replace the part or parts in question to get the burner producing a good quality flame again.

The air supply is not correctly adjusted

If your hob is equipped with an adjustable air shutter, this can cause the formation of bad quality flames if the primary air supply is not correctly set. When properly adjusted, it should supply the right amount of air to produce the correct gas/air mixture. The result will be a stable, quiet flame that does not produce smoke and is bright blue at its core. If the flame is unstable, short and low, lifts off the burner and makes a lot of noise, there is too much air in the mixture. Conversely, if the flame is tall, weak, produces smoke, is reddish in colour and flickers a lot, there is not enough air in the gas/air mixture produced inside the burner. Depending on the particular problem you are experiencing, adjust the air shutter to allow either a greater quantity or a lesser quantity of air to enter the burner.

The pressure regulator is malfunctioning

If none of the potential causes above proves to be the source of your problem, there is one other possibility to check: a malfunctioning pressure regulator. This component operates directly on the gas leaving the gas bottle. It both reduces the pressure of the bottled gas to a pressure at which it can be used normally, and maintains that pressure constant, no matter what the flow rate of the gas you are using. If your hob is not producing a good quality flame and none of the other potential causes above have proven to be the issue, check the pressure regulator and change it if necessary.

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