Ceramic Stove Displays Error Code or Flashing Lights
Ceramic Stove Displays Error Code or Flashing Lights

Ceramic Stove Displays Error Code or Flashing Lights

Ceramic Stove Displays Error Code or Flashing Lights Is your electric glass ceramic hob displaying an error code, either when switched off or in use, or when you first switch it on? Are the indicator lights or the display flashing? Discover the possible causes for this fault with this troubleshooting guide.

Ceramic Stove Error Code And Flashing Lights

The error code is an indication of a heating element fault

The manufacturers of your glass ceramic hob have incorporated a special error code system into your appliance to enable more precise identification of the sources of faults. When an error code is displayed, this actually means that a fault has been detected by the circuit board. Usually, these codes indicate a problem with a heating element (e.g. an issue with a sensor) or the touch panel, or with the circuit board itself. Refer to your hob’s user manual to find out the specific meaning of the error code displayed.

The cooking surface is still hot

If your electric ceramic hob displays a “H” when you switch it off, this simply means that the cooking surface is still hot (i.e. over 60°C: a lower-case ‘h’ indicates moderately hot; a ‘H’ indicates DEFINITELY TOO HOT TO TOUCH!). You will therefore need to wait a few minutes for the cooking surface to cool before the “H” goes off.
If, however, the “H” continues to be displayed, this will likely be due to a fault with the temperature sensor on the inductor. Though you can try replacing this sensor yourself, it is advisable to get help from a qualified technician.

The appliance is displaying “8888” or the entire display lights up then emits a sound (“beep”)

This normally occurs:

  • When water gets underneath the touch panel, regardless of whether the hob is on or off.
  • Or when the touch panel area of the cooking surface has not been cleaned properly.
  • The issue can even be due to too much light shining on the touch panel (from the cooker hood for example), which can produce a fault and thus cause the appliance to emit a beep.

Thoroughly cleaning the glass ceramic surface and, if necessary, switching off the power to the hob for a few minutes can normally help to restore it to normal operation.


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