Dishwasher Makes Noise While Washing ?

Dishwasher Makes Noise While Washing ? A dishwasher may produce an abnormal noise at any phase of the wash cycle, i.e. washing, filling, rinsing or draining. Various issues can cause this phenomenon, which needs to be distinguished from the appliance’s normal operating sounds. A problematic noise will manifest as a constant rumbling or a loud knocking sound, for example. Here we’ll explain the possible sources of these noises to you.

Why Does the Dishwasher Make a Noise While Washing?

The water supply valve is not fully open

If the water supply valve is not properly open, you will hear a long, extended vibrating noise. This sound is generated by an electric valve (the solenoid valve), which will vibrate due to the water not flowing into your dishwasher at a sufficient rate. To stop this happening, simply check and adjust your water supply valve then restart the wash cycle.

The solenoid valve is blocked

The solenoid valve is an electric tap that controls the flow of water into your dishwasher. It may vibrate if either your water supply valve is not properly open, there is insufficient water pressure, or the solenoid’s own filter is blocked, e.g. by sand.

The door isn’t closing properly and the seals are worn

If the door isn’t closing properly, due to a badly positioned upper or lower basket or because the seals are worn, you’ll hear the sound of water flowing around the door. If this is the case, carefully ensure you slide the dishwasher baskets into place correctly, and replace the seals if necessary.

The items in the dishwasher are badly arranged

The spray arms spray jets of water onto the crockery, cutlery, glasses and utensils, etc., placed in the dishwasher. They can sometimes collide with these items or produce whistling sounds. Take care to ensure you position and arrange your plates and cutlery, etc., correctly. To check that this is indeed the source of the problem, we recommend first removing the lower basket then testing the operation of the appliance again. If the problem persists, remove the upper basket next. If the problem still occurs after that, you will need to consider replacing your spray arms.

The drain pump is blocked

The drain pump serves to evacuate the water from your dishwasher. If the pump is blocked or not working properly due to a piece of glass or scrap of food, etc., it will generate an enormous amount of noise. If you want to clean it yourself, simply dismantle it. You will find it located behind the access panel. Remember to wear protective gloves and disconnect the power so you don’t get injured or electrocuted.

The detergent dispenser is defective

The detergent dispenser enables your appliance to release the cleaning product at the right point in the cycle. If the dispenser cover spring starts vibrating very loudly like a loose door latch, you will need to replace it.

The wash pump is damaged

The wash pump supplies water under pressure to the spray arms. If it begins whistling or vibrating, you can dismantle it to check whether it’s being impeded by a foreign object or scrap of food, etc. It can be found underneath the appliance; it’s the larger of the two pumps. If the noise persists, we recommend carrying out a descaling procedure on your dishwasher; and if this still does not resolve the issue, you will need to replace the wash pump.

The pressure switch is faulty

The pressure switch controls the level of water in the appliance. If this component is defective, the dishwasher will not take in a sufficient amount of water. The wash pump will repeatedly signal a need for air or water, leading to the abnormal sound of the washing being carried out in short bursts. We recommend replacing the pressure switch only after you have first checked that the pressure chamber is not blocked.

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