Electric Boiler Leaking Water From The Bottom ?

Electric Boiler Leaking Water From The Bottom ? Are you noticing water dripping or trickling underneath your hot water cylinder? To help you quickly find out where this leak is coming from, here are the parts you need to check.

Why Is The Electric Boiler Leaking From The Bottom?

USEFUL INFO There are two types of faults can occur with your hot water cylinder: hydraulic faults (plumbing related) and electrical faults. The issue here involves the cylinder leaking water, which means It’s a hydraulic fault. We therefore suggest taking the steps described below.

A leak on the hot water cylinder safety group

The first thing to check is whether the water is coming from the cylinder’s safety group. The safety group is equipped with a safety valve. If a problem occurs on the water heater (usually the pressure getting too high), the safety valve will automatically open to evacuate the water, thus depressurising the cylinder. If the leak is coming from this component and the trap isn’t sufficient to stop it, it’s possible the water pressure in your plumbing is too high. If this is the case, you will need to call in a plumber, who will change the safety group and perhaps also install a pressure regulator.

Water trickling inside the protective access cover

There are two possible causes for water finding its way inside the cylinder access cover. If you can see water trickling from around the element joint, it could be that the element’s screws or nuts/bolts are not tightened properly. Try tightening these first to make the seal expand properly. If the leak is still present even after you’ve done this, the seal will probably need to be replaced.

Rust-coloured water or seepage

After removing your cylinder’s protective cover, can you can see rust or ink-coloured traces of seepage on its insulation? If you can, this may mean that your hot water cylinder’s tank has a hole in it somewhere. This will lead to water trickling down to the protective access cover. You will need to get a plumber to replace your hot water cylinder if this is the case.

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