Electric Epilator Not Working
Electric Epilator Not Working

Electric Epilator Not Working ?

Electric Epilator Not Working ? You’re ready for a hair removal session, but your epilator decides otherwise? It’s hardly turning, if indeed at all? In this article, you will find out which factors may be responsible for this fault. This will allow you to diagnose the faulty parts yourself.

Why Electric Epilator Doesn’t Work?

The device is dirty

If your appliance is not working but appears to switch on (in particular if the indicator light is on), the problem may be due to the appliance being dirty. When we say that the appliance is dirty, it is actually the epilation head we are referring to. More specifically, we are referring to the accumulation of hairs on the epilation head. This blocks the rotation of the head, while also obstructing the movement of the tweezers. Your epilator is then no longer free to rotate and will no longer be able to help you remove hair. Even worse: trying to operate the appliance when it is blocked by dirt can have serious consequences for the motor, which can overheat and stop working. The only solution to your problem is to clean the appliance thoroughly. If your epilation head is too dirty or damaged, you can replace it for a reasonable price.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION It is essential that you clean the electric epilator after each use, to prolong its life and ensure good hygiene. To clean the device properly, first use a small brush to remove any hairs from the epilation head (between the tweezers and underneath the head). You can then clean the head under running water to remove any hairs that are still attached. For better hygiene, you should then disinfect the appliance with an antibacterial cleaning agent or alcohol. Finally, dry the head once it has been well cleaned.

The epilator has a power supply problem

If your epilator no longer switches on, a power supply problem problem is usually the cause. In this case, the head will not rotate and the lights will not come on when the appliance is properly plugged in, with the plug properly inserted into the wall outlet. There can be various reasons for a power supply problem: a power failure, a fault in the power cable, or an electrical outlet that is not working. Depending on which of these causes is responsible, you may have to wait for power to be restored, reset the circuit breaker or change the fuse, replace the power cable or plug the unit into another electrical outlet.

The switch is disengaged or stuck in a depressed position.

In more rare cases, a switch being disengaged or stuck in a depressed position may be the reason your epilator has stopped working. The epilator switch may have been pulled from its housing or may have been pushed in, for example, following a knock or if excessive pressure was applied. The On/Off button then no longer allows you to control the rotation of the appliance and as a result, it will no longer switch on at all. To fix the problem, open the appliance to reset the switch and reconnect it properly. Do not forget to unplug your appliance from any electrical source to avoid the risk of electric shock!

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