Electric Shaver Not Working
Electric Shaver Not Working

Electric Shaver Not Working ?

Electric Shaver Not Working ? What a fantastic invention the electric shaver is when it comes to getting yourself ready quickly in the morning! No more need to fear cutting yourself: electric shavers are kind to even the most sensitive skins. There are many types of electric shavers available offering various different features, from classic plug-in models and cable-free rechargeable types to waterproof ones that can be used in the shower.

Why Electric Shaver Doesn’t Work ?

It’s important to be familiar with the specific characteristics of your own appliance so you know what to do if it goes wrong. Electric shaver no longer working? Find out the most common reasons why in this article.


If a damaged battery is the cause of the fault with your device, this will normally be indicated by the charging indicator failing to light up. If your electric shaver works when plugged in but not when using it just with the battery, you will need to replace the latter. It’s also possible that the battery might simply require charging. This is indicated by a red light on most models.

TIPOnly charge the battery when your electric shaver is completely discharged. Similarly, and to extend the life of the battery, always remove it when using your shaver plugged in.


Some electric shavers, especially models designed for use in the shower, will not operate when plugged into the mains. With these types of shavers, plugging into the mains serves only to recharge the appliance via a special adaptor that reduces the voltage supplied by the socket. This is a specific feature designed to avoid the risk of electrocution or accident, especially in cases where the shaver is plugged in when still wet.

TIPBefore plugging your shaver in, make sure you rinse the cutting head to remove any traces of shaving foam, and thoroughly dry it afterwards using a clean cloth.


Over time, the motor of an electric shaver will gradually wear out until it eventually no longer works at all. This is more likely to happen sooner if your appliance is not regularly maintained. In fact, it’s recommended that electric shaver motors are lubricated from time to time to extend their lives. If it’s already too late and your shaver’s motor no longer works, it’s actually not very difficult to replace it yourself.

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