Espresso Machine Is Not Working
Espresso Machine Is Not Working

Espresso Machine Is Not Working ?

Espresso Machine Is Not Working ? When your espresso coffee machine suddenly stops working and will no longer switch on or no longer operate, you can no longer enjoy your favourite drink. There are various reasons why your espresso coffee machine might have stopped working. Here we detail the most common causes of this kind or issue to help you get a better understanding of what’s happening.

Why Espresso Machine Doesn’t Work ?

There is an issue with the electricity supply to the appliance

SIf the coffee machine is not being supplied with electricity, it will not be able to switch on. Check the appliance has not been unplugged from the mains. If it’s properly plugged in, there may be an issue with the mains supply itself. If this is the case, other electrical appliances plugged in near your coffee machine or located in the same room should also be affected by the same problem. The coffee machine may also be being prevented from coming on by a loose connection or contact somewhere. Check the mains cable for any signs of wear or damage of any kind. Unplug the appliance at the socket before carrying out this check. Important: if the mains cable proves to be defective, stop using it. It absolutely must be replaced before you use your coffee machine again.

The on/off switch is broken

The main on/off switch is what turns on the power to your espresso coffee machine. If it’s no longer working or won’t physically move into the “on” position, it will need to be replaced. You can test it using a multimeter in ohmmeter mode. With its wires disconnected, the switch should give a reading in only one of its two positions. If it doesn’t give any reading at all, it will need to be replaced.

The safety thermostat has been activated

Thermostats play an essential role in ensuring your coffee machine works properly. The safety thermostat keeps the temperature at around 94°C and prevents it getting above that level. If any of the thermostats stops working, the water might not heat properly. If this occurs, the appliance will switch itself off for reasons of safety. If this is happening in your case, you will need to replace the safety thermostat.

The safety devices are not all engaged/set

Some espresso coffee machines will not start operating unless all their safety devices are properly engaged/set. It’s possible that the water tank on your appliance is empty or not properly in place, or its grounds collector or drip tray may be full. Some machines are even fitted with anti-leak floats. One way you can check to see if the issue is being caused by any of the safety devices is by unplugging the appliance and leaning it over to see if it’s leaking anywhere. We recommend carefully checking all the tanks/containers on the appliance before each use.

The machine is furred up with limescale

Limescale build-up is an inevitable and constantly ongoing issue. Because water circulates inside the appliance, it can quickly get furred up. Obstructions due to limescale can cause faults to develop, prevent the coffee from flowing by blocking the circuit, and lead to a deterioration in the condition of certain components, such as the heating element. To extend the life of your espresso coffee machine, it is essential to regularly clean and descale it.

The circuit board is faulty

The main circuit board (PCB) manages all the functions of your espresso coffee machine (main operation, pump, heating element, etc.). If everything else detailed above has been checked, it may be that the circuit board needs replacing. You can either do this yourself or call on the services of a manufacturer-approved engineer.

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