Pressure Cooker Won't Close
Pressure Cooker Won't Close

Pressure Cooker Won’t Close ?

Pressure Cooker Won’t Close ? You fancy cooking with your pressure cooker. Everything is in place: the water and food are in the pressure cooker body… but when it’s time to close the lid, it gets stuck … Why does the pressure cooker no longer want to close? In this article, we’ll take a look at the reasons why your pressure cooker isn’t closing properly.

Why Doesn’t the Pressure Cooker Close?

The seal is worn or incorrectly positioned

The most common reason that the lid on your pressure cooker no longer closes is a fault in its seal. In fact, if the seal has been gradually worn out over time, if it is damaged (torn, crushed, cracked…) or if it is incorrectly positioned, this may prevent the lid of your pressure cooker from closing. A careful visual inspection will enable you to find the fault that is responsible for the problem. In some cases, if the seal is simply incorrectly positioned, you simply have to put it back into place to close the pressure cooker. In other instances, the seal will have to be replaced.

GOOD TO KNOW Regardless of any defect or problem with your seal preventing the lid from closing, it is recommended that you change this part every year. This will ensure that the lid remains airtight and that your pressure cooker functions optimally.

DID YOU KNOW? To prevent the seal from becoming worn, damaged or from moving, and to avoid damaging the pin or deforming the lid, avoid putting your pressure cooker in the dishwasher, and instead wash it by hand.

The pressure cooker pin is broken

If you cannot close the pressure cooker due to the sealing plug being stuck, the pressure cooker pin is broken. This is actually a clamping pin that enables the secure closing of the lid. The only solution to the problem is to replace this pin or have it replaced by a professional.

The pressure cooker or lid is deformed

Sometimes a deformation of the container (the pressure cooker itself) or of the lid prevents the pressure cooker from closing. Most often, this deformation is the result of impact or force. Only deformations affecting the edges of the container or lid will cause problems closing the pressure cooker. A deformation (dent, twist…) can be easily spotted by eye or by touch. You may be able to fix the problem by replacing just the lid or the container. But often the expense is not worthwhile and it is better to buy a new pressure cooker. Depending on the material, you may be able to reshape the deformed part, however, you risk ending up with an appliance that will close, but without a suitable seal.

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