Refrigerator Door Not Closing Properly ?

Refrigerator Door Not Closing Properly ? Fridge doors get opened and closed many times during a day which can sometimes lead to a problem with them not closing properly or not closing at all. We will list the possible causes and give you our tips for solving this issue.

Why Doesn’t the Refrigerator Door Close Properly?

The fridge isn’t stable

If your fridge is leaning a little too far forward, the door will have trouble closing. If this is the case, you can use a spirit level to help you stabilise it. Using the spirit level, check that the fridge is slightly leaning backwards so that the doors close more easily.

The door seal is badly positioned or worn out

Over time, the seal around the door of your fridge can come loose. Rough handling when opening or closing your fridge for example may lead to the seal coming off. If the seal has come off then the door will no longer adhere to the walls and may remain ajar. Check that the seal is properly in place and put it back in the right position if needed. If the seal has come off accidentally, it can be stuck back on with a special non-toxic glue. Sometimes it can happen that the seal is in the right place but is too worn out. Check for any potential tears. A maintenance defect may accelerate the wear on the seals; these can be cleaned regularly using a soft brush soaked in diluted vinegar or soapy water. Before proceeding with the cleaning, you may want to unplug your appliance. If the seals really are too worn out, it is better to replace them.

The hinges are loose

The hinges are what allow your fridge’s door to pivot. They are located in the gap between the door and the fridge walls, on either the left or right depending on which way the fridge opens. Take a look at the hinges to check they haven’t come off or they aren’t worn out or bent. This may stop your appliance opening properly. If they are defective, you need to replace them.

The items in the fridge are badly positioned or it’s overfilled

Don’t overfill your fridge by trying to cram too much food in it. An overfilled fridge will obviously have trouble closing. When you put food and containers in your fridge, make sure you leave a space between all of them. As well as this, try not to place your shopping too close to the edges of the shelves. You can use storage baskets to organise what is inside your fridge.

The drawers are in the wrong place

If the drawers for fruit or vegetables aren’t pushed in so they’re touching the back of the fridge, you won’t be able to close the fridge properly. Check that nothing is getting in the way of it closing. Never try to force your fridge door closed, as this may break or damage parts of it. Sometimes it is difficult to work out what is stopping you from closing your fridge properly. In that case, you may want to empty out your fridge gradually.

Ice is hindering or preventing the door from closing

 The formation of ice may prevent the door mechanism from closing properly, especially if there is ice near the door or a lot of it on the freezer compartment. If this is the case, you need to fully defrost your fridge. Unplug your appliance and empty it completely. Once the ice has melted, clean out all the water that has run out using a sponge.

Food residue is stuck to the inside of the door

Les résidus alimentaires et écoulements peuvent gêner la fermeture du réfrigérateur. Si vous détectez la présence de saleté, nettoyez soigneusement la porte de votre appareil, sans oublier les interstices où se logent volontiers les miettes.

The door is bent

Over time your fridge door may end up fatigued and could be bent. If you think this is the case you can use a long ruler to check if your door is straight.

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