Refrigerator Light Not Working
Refrigerator Light Not Working

Refrigerator Light Not Working ?

Refrigerator Light Not Working ? To make them easier to use, fridges are equipped with interior lights that enable you to quickly and easily identify the items they contain. If the light is no longer coming on when you open the fridge door, you need to identify what’s causing this problem so you can work out how to fix it. Here we explain the steps to take.

Why Is The Refrigerator Light Not Working?

The power supply is defective

The problem could quite simply be that your fridge is either not plugged in or there is no power reaching it. You may also want to check the power cord to ensure it isn’t damaged. If it is, replace it.

The light switch is broken

Some appliances have a door-operated push switch that turns the fridge’s light on. We recommend checking to see if your appliance is fitted with one of these. If it is, check the switch is working properly. You can also test this component by disconnecting it from the appliance and checking it with a multimeter in ohmmeter mode. There should be continuity present in one of its two positions.

The bulb has gone

You can check whether the bulb has gone or not with the naked eye. If the tiny filament inside it is broken, the bulb will need to be replaced. Some models of fridge are fitted with LED bulbs. To test these, you will need to use a multimeter in voltmeter mode and place the two probes on the bulb’s connectors to check the voltage. Don’t forget to refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer to find out the correct voltage, and protect your hands with electrical safety gloves when carrying out this procedure.

There is no power to the light bulb socket

The bulb fits in the lamp by screwing into a socket. If the bulb is in working order, check the voltage at the contacts on the socket. If there is no voltage present, you will need to replace the socket. Important: some sockets are fitted with an integrated safety cut-out; if this is the case with yours, we recommend you unplug the appliance for 30 minutes then plug it back in.

The circuit board is faulty

The circuit board can be found in the control panel on the front of your fridge. It’s possible that your appliance is fitted with a reed switch, and these can sometimes fail. Should this occur, it will prevent the light from working.

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