Robot Vacuum Cleaner Not Working ?

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Not Working ? A revolution in household cleaning, robot vacuum cleaners automatically clean any kind of floor, including rugs and carpet. This autonomous device moves around your home sucking up dust and saving you time! So it’s a real nuisance when it doesn’t work… Don’t stress! In this article, we’re going to explain the various factors which could cause your robot vacuum cleaner to malfunction.

Why Robot Vacuum Cleaner Doesn’t Work?

DID YOU KNOW? While they’re effective and practical for regular floor cleaning, robot vacuum cleaners were not designed to quickly clean a very dirty floor that is covered in liquid, large stains or residues for example. For this type of emergency, it’s better to use a standard vacuum cleaner that has been designed for this and is much more effective!
USEFUL INFO For a robot vacuum cleaner to work well, it needs regular maintenance! You should be particularly careful with its small dust tank which is under a litre in capacity and really should be emptied after each use.

There’s an issue with the electricity supply

If your robot vacuum cleaner is no longer working, it could be because there is no power from the outlet to the charging stand as it may not have been switched on or the plug hasn’t been plugged in far enough. The power cord may also have been pulled out of the socket if it has been fully unwound from the reel and is then tugged sharply. If you notice that none of the electric appliances plugged into the same circuit are working, then perhaps there is nothing wrong with your robot vacuum cleaner but there is a general fault in the power supply. You should be able to fix this issue by switching the circuit breaker back on.

The power cord is damaged or faulty

If your vacuum cleaner will no longer switch on, it may be because the power cord is faulty. One of the conductive wires inside could have snapped or become detached from the lug, which could cause it to overheat enough to trip the circuit. Whether your power cord is 230 volts or has a transformer, you can use a multimeter set to the voltmeter setting in AC for power cords without a transformer and generally in DC if your device has a transformer. There should be a reading of some sort!

A problem with the battery

Your battery may simply need recharging! Check that the device has the minimum charge level needed for it to work. If your battery is charging as usual but the LED doesn’t light up, it may be a problem with the battery connection, meaning the battery’s pins no longer make contact properly. It could also be the case that the plug connector pins of your vacuum cleaner are obstructed by dirt and are preventing your device from charging efficiently. After checking all these areas, if the battery still isn’t working then it is probably worn out. It will need to be replaced.

DID YOU KNOW? If your robot vacuum cleaner is not cleaned regularly and dirt is allowed to accumulate inside, the motor will have to work harder to operate and the battery will become weak and lose its efficiency. A robot vacuum cleaner’s battery is designed to last several years when properly maintained!

The contacts are faulty

First of all, check that the contacts are clean on the vacuum cleaner and its charging stand because dirt can stop them working very well or even working altogether.One of the contacts may have oxidised which means it will no longer conduct electricity very well. If this is the case, you can try cleaning it. Spray the electrical contacts using a spray designed for cleaning electrical components. If the contacts are no longer working and no longer make contact at all, you need to replace the robot vacuum cleaner’s stand or holder.

DID YOU KNOW? Generally speaking, if you want to prevent accidents and faults with your robot vacuum cleaner, you should clear from its path any items that could get stuck in its brushes. Remove any children’s toys, make sure there are no electric cables in the way and fold up any rugs that have fringes on them (these can get tangled in the vacuum cleaner’s bristles).

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