Steam Iron Overheating
Steam Iron Overheating

Steam Iron Overheating ?

Steam Iron Overheating ? If the soleplate of your steam iron seems to be getting much hotter than the setting it was set to, it probably means one or more components in your appliance are defective. We’re going to explain how to find the cause of the fault.

Why Is Your Steam Iron Overheating?

The adjustable thermostat is defective

The adjustable thermostat enables you to set the temperature at the appropriate level for the clothes you want to iron. It also enables the appliance to produce steam. If the thermostat is faulty, the appliance is likely to start getting very hot. Even if you try to set it to the minimum temperature, the steam iron will heat up too much and could burn your laundry. If this is the case, you need to replace the thermostat.

The temperature select button isn’t working properly

Sometimes the temperature select button itself is damaged. You turn it, but because it’s broken or has worked loose, it won’t send the information to the thermostat below. If this happens to you, pull on it gently to see what state it is in.

The steam control thermostat is faulty

The control thermostat regulates the temperature of the heating element which generates the steam. If it is defective, the steam iron is likely to overheat and you will get more steam than usual. If you want to check its limescale status, this can be found on the heating element.

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