Tumble Dryer Makes Noise
Tumble Dryer Makes Noise

Tumble Dryer Makes Noise ?

Tumble Dryer Makes Noise ? Tumble dryers are normally quite noisy when operating due to the number of moving parts involved in the drying process. However, if they start making unusual sounds that you don’t normally hear, you need to find the cause, because an unusual noise can be the sign of a problem. Here, we provide you with a detailed guide to the various faults that can create these kinds of issues.

Why Is The Tumble Dryer Making Noise?

The rear drum bearing is catching

The rear bearing supports the drum by its shaft. These bearings can be either ball bearing types or teardrop-shaped brass types. The bearing enables the drum shaft to turn freely and noiselessly. If you can hear a squeaking sound or a metallic scraping noise, we recommend you open up the appliance and take a look at the bearing. If it’s in bad condition, replace it.

The drive belt is broken

The drive belt connects the motor to the drum, thus enabling the drum to turn. Over time, it can eventually begin to wear out. This may manifest in the form of fraying, or it could develop a flat spot. If you are hearing a regular, consistent banging sound at each turn of the drum, the drive belt is likely to be the cause. You can verify whether this is the case by removing the top panel of your appliance and inspecting the belt.

The jockey wheel is damaged

The jockey wheels on tumble dryers can be either sprung or fixed in place. Their role is to tension the drive belt. If the jockey wheel is damaged, you’ll hear a constant scraping whenever the drum is rotating. If this is the case, the jockey wheel will need to be replaced as it can cause damage to the drive belt. You can check the condition of the jockey wheel yourself. It will normally be located either on or close to the motor.

The felt seals are dirty

The felt seal serves to ensre a tight joint is formed between the main front and rear metal body sections of the drum on your tumble dryer. With use, these felt seals can eventually get dirty due to small particles and fibres from linen and clothing. If this occurs, the appliance will start vibrating a lot, in which case you’ll need to change the felts

The drum wheels and bearing pads are worn

Some tumble dryers are fitted with wheels that support the front of the drum. These wheels are made from plastic. If they become worn, this can cause a muffled noise to be produced as the drum begins to turn. If this happens, the wheels will need to be replaced.

The drain pump is blocked

The drain pump on a condenser tumble dryer enables the appliance to evacuate the water. If the pump gets blocked, obstructed or worn, it could start making a lot of noise. In which case, you will hear a very loud whirring noise together with the sound of the pump operating in fits and starts when the water is being evacuated. You can check the drain pump yourself. It will usually be located on the back of the appliance, at the bottom. If it’s faulty, it will need to be replaced.

The drum shaft is damaged

The drum shaft slots into the bearing and will be either riveted or bolted to the drum. When the bearing gets worn, it can end up damaging or cutting into the drum shaft. This will produce an enormous amount of noise. If this is happening in your case, you will need to replace either the drum shaft or the drum and its bearing, depending on the make and model of your tumble dryer.

The fan motor is faulty

The fan motor enables the hot air to circulate. These motors can sometimes become noisy. It’s easy to tell whether this is the case or not. If it is, the fan motor will continue making noise even when the drum has stopped. You can try temporarily disconnecting the fan. If this stops the noise being produced, you will need to replace it.

The motor is damaged

The motor, which is the part that enables the drum to rotate, is equipped with internal bearings that can eventually get damaged or rust due to the dampness and moisture. When this happens with a motor, it may start to produce a growling sound throughout the drying cycle. It’s possible to check the condition of the motor yourself. First open up your tumble dryer’s outer casing. Once you’ve done this, set it operating and check that the sound is actually coming from the motor. If it is, you will need to replace it.

The impeller is noisy

The impeller serves to circulate the air inside your tumble dryer. Foreign objects can sometimes end up inside the impeller. When this occurs, the object may break the impeller or rub against it, which will cause a noise to be produced. If the impeller is damaged, you will need to replace it.

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