Vacuum Cleaner Suddenly Stopped Working
Vacuum Cleaner Suddenly Stopped Working

Vacuum Cleaner Suddenly Stopped Working ?

Vacuum Cleaner Suddenly Stopped Working ? There are various reasons why a vacuum cleaner might stop working. As you’re going to see, it is not necessarily difficult to find the source of this kind of fault, and it’s an issue that can sometimes be rapidly resolved. Here we take a look at the various likely reasons why a vacuum cleaner will no longer switch on.

Why Has The Vacuum Cleaner Stopped Working?

There is an issue with the electricity supply to the appliance

Let’s begin with the simplest working hypothesis. Because the vacuum cleaner is powered by electricity, it won’t be able to start if there’s no current. To find out if this is actually the issue, check to see if other appliances are working or not, or simply whether the lights come on. If the answer is yes, skip to the next section. Otherwise, you’ll need to take a quick look at your fuse box. It could be that a circuit breaker has tripped. Already checked that there’s actually current present and your vacuum cleaner still won’t work? Examine the condition of the socket you’ve plugged it into. If it seems fine, unplug the vacuum cleaner and plug another appliance in instead (preferably one you know for certain is working). This will enable you to tell for sure. If the second appliance also won’t work, the fault will be with the socket.

The power cord is cut or damaged

The possibility that the power cord is damaged or cut is definitely something to seriously consider. Begin by checking the condition of the cord itself. If it’s damaged, replace it. You may find that the appliance begins working when you move the cord. If this is the case, the issue will be a bad or faulty contact. These kinds of symptoms can appear when cords become worn due to being repeatedly twisted or bent in opposite directions over a long period of time. This causes the electric wires within the cord to get damaged in places. If this is the case, it’s best to replace the cord.

The cord winder is faulty

Vacuum cleaners are often fitted with systems that automatically retract the electric cord into the body of the appliance. These are known as cord (or cable) winders or retractors. These winders are subject to such heavy use that they can end up becoming damaged at the point where the cord connects to the appliance.

The switch is broken

Though a relatively simple component, the switch plays a critical role in the operation of the appliance. If its mechanism is damaged or broken, the contact that opens and closes the circuit won’t be properly made, or may not be made at all, thus causing the issue observed. In some cases, if you toggle the switch back and forth between the on and off positions multiple times, you will notice the vacuum cleaner start up. This is a clear indication that the switch is the source of the issue.

The motor has jammed

The motor and its impeller enable the vacuum cleaner to generate suction. If the motor is jammed or its operation is being hampered, such as by string or some other object, it will no longer be able to run. Dismantle the appliance and check the condition of the motor. It will normally be located behind the filter. Note: the motor is not easy to access on some appliances.

The capacitor is faulty

The capacitor enables the motor to start up and also maintains the torque while it’s operating. If it’s no longer working properly, the motor won’t be able to start. This will make it impossible for you to use your vacuum cleaner.

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