Why Did The Microwave Stop Heating ?

Why Did The Microwave Stop Heating ? Have you recently been finding that your microwave isn’t heating your food properly, or perhaps doesn’t heat it at all? In this article, we will outline the reasons that can explain this malfunction.

Why Doesn’t the Microwave Heat?

One of the fuses has blown or burnt out

You should be aware that there are several fuses in your microwave that can melt or burn out for various reasons, causing your appliance to malfunction. The food will not be able to heat properly until the fuse is replaced.

The magnetron or one of the internal circuits has failed

Because the magnetron is the central component of your microwave, any malfunction concerning it will prevent your appliance from heating properly. It is easy to determine if this is a malfunction in your magnetron since, in addition to the fact that the food no longer heats well or at all, your appliance will emit a characteristic vibration noise.

One of the internal circuits is fried

If this happens, the waves can no longer be propagated and propelled properly and the food you place inside your appliance can no longer be heated. Only a qualified technician with the right equipment will be able to detect the source of your malfunction and intervene accordingly.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION If you notice that all the devices that are powered by the same circuit are no longer working at the same time, it must be a power supply failure. Unless it is a mains failure, a simple intervention to change the fuse concerned at your meter board will suffice.

DID YOU KNOW? Some microwave ovens are designed so that, in case of an emergency (if a major problem occurs inside, such as a fire, for example) and when the appliance is stopped by pressing on the control panel, the door opens automatically, of its own accord. For this reason, a burning oven should only ever be stopped by unplugging from the socket.

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