Why Does the Toaster Blow the Fuse ?

Why Does the Toaster Blow the Fuse ? You like the good smell of toast to accompany your breakfast.But this morning, there’s a blackout: the momens you switched your toaster on, it made your electrical system cut out. Grab a torch to find out why.

Why Does the Toaster Fuse Blown?

A problem at the circuit breaker

Your circuit breaker may not be calibrated for the power of your appliance. This is a relatively common problem if you switch on several devices simultaneously. In this case, it is advised that you have the circuit-breaker amperage changed.

A fault with your electrical outlet

The electrical outlet into which you usually plug your toaster may be defective. Check this simply by plugging another device into this outlet. If this happens again, the outlet in question will have to be repaired. You can also test the outlet using a multimeter set to the Voltmetre position.

A faulty power cord

A cut or damaged cord can cause a power outage. Before disassembling your appliance, the first thing to do is to perform a visual check of the condition of the electrical wire and the plug. If you find a defect (melted or partially cut wire), the power cord will have to be replaced.

A lack of maintenance of the toaster

Your appliance is equipped with one or more resistors used to toast baguette slices or other breads. Sometimes slices that are too thick come into contact with the heated resistor. Furthermore, after a while, crumbs can accumulate in the toaster.These can ignite, leaving carbon residues with high conductivity on the resistors. The toaster could then become an electrical leak and trip the fuse, or simply prevent the proper operation of household appliances. In this case, a thorough clean of the toaster will be required. After unplugging your appliance, remove any crumbs accumulated in the crumb tray if your appliance has one. Remove bread particles from the inner walls and corners using a soft toothbrush and, if necessary, a vacuum cleaner fitted with a suction nozzle.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION Clean the sides of your toaster using a damp cloth with a few drops of white vinegar.Don’t forget to unplug your appliance to perform this operation and wait until it is dry before plugging it back in!

A fault in a resistor in your device

Your toaster functions thanks to several resistors.Over time, these can become damaged, for example by the utensils used to free stuck pieces of bread. Sometimes crumbs get stuck to the heating element, which causes the appliance to switch off as soon as the resistors start to become red. Perform a visual check of the resistor wires, which must not be touching or have been cut. It can also short-circuit and cause a power failure: this happens when a foreign body is grounded. To test the resistor, use a multimeter set to the Mega-ohm position, placing one probe on the resistor terminal and the other probe on the metal panel.

Our advice Sometimes pieces of bread that are too thick get stuck in the toaster and the reflex can be to use metal cutlery (knife or fork) to retrieve them, which is not advisable. This is a bad idea as you have every chance of damaging the appliance’s resistor, not to mention the risk of electrocution if the appliance is left plugged in! To avoid this, we advise that you to invest in small wooden tongs (often made of bamboo), which will allow you extract your bread slices without any of the hassle.

The circuit board is damaged

If your toaster continues to trip your electrical system, we advise that you check its circuit board or power supply board.When doing this, always disconnect the appliance from the mains and remove the cover of the machine. Once you have located the circuit board, check its condition, in particular checking if any components are burned or melted. If this is the case, you will need to replace the circuit board on your appliance.

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