Why Doesn’t the Pressure Cooker Whistle ?

Why Doesn’t the Pressure Cooker Whistle ? Your pressure cooker doesn’t whistle even though you’re using it properly? This fault can be due to various types of malfunction. What are the reasons that can prevent your pressure cooker from whistling and how do you make it eventually succeed in building up pressure again?

Pressure Cooker Not Whistling?

Unlike a traditional container, the pressure cooker boils at 122°C thanks to the increase in pressure. The food cooked in the pressure cooker produces steam which, because it cannot escape through the airtight lid, escapes through a tiny hole that blows a whistle. At this moment, the gas expands and causes sound vibrations.

The seal is too old

If food is left in the appliance for too long or if it is cleaned using corrosive products, the seal cantend to deteriorate. Check its condition regularly and replace it at least once a year.To do this, simply take the reference number of your pressure cooker. You will be able to choose a new seal based on the range, brand and capacity of your pressure cooker.

DID YOU KNOW? A seal that is compatible with your pressure cooker will extend the life of your appliance.

The pressure cooker is not closed properly

You will not be able to hear your pressure cooker whistling if it’s unable to build up pressure.Before attempting to repair it, make sure that you have closed it properly. Sometimes the seal is incorrectly positioned or food may have slipped between the wall and the lid, preventing you from closing the cooker properly.

The pressure cooker doesn’t have enough water in it

Your pressure cooker may not whistle because you have forgotten to pour in enough water.It can only cook if there is liquid inside it. Most recipes will require water, some will require vegetable or meat stock, and some will require milk. It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as you fill your pressure cooker to at least 1/4 full and then up to a maximum of 2/3 with liquid.For a cooking time of just 20 minutes, you can add just one cup of water to your pressure cooker.

The cooking temperature is too low

In order for it to whistle, your pressure cooker must be under pressure and must release steam. This will not be the case if the cooking temperature is too low.Increase the temperature and bring the iside of the cooker up to 122°C; its cruising temperature. Without further ado, your pressure cooker should start whistling.

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