Candy Washer Dryer Error Codes

Candy Washer Dryer Error Codes Error codes are there to warn you when something is malfunctioning on your washing machine. They don’t necessarily pinpoint exactly where the problem is, but they certainly do help with diagnosing and fixing a fault or any broken or worn parts that need replacing.

Candy Washer Dryer Error Code Solutions

Error CodesMeaning
ERROR 0Defective “Cuore” Control Module-Not Programmed “Cuore” Control Module.
ERROR 1Door Safety Lock Device/Drum’s Braking device defective and/or Wiring.
ERROR 2The Water Fill Phase was not completed within the designed limit time. Defective Solenoid Valve, Pressostat, Water Fill Hose, Low Water Pressure in the network and/or Wiring.
ERROR 3The Water Drain Phase was not completed within the designed limit time. Clogged Filter, Drain Pump, Drain Hose, Wall Discharge and/or Wiring.
ERROR 4Several (3) interventions by the Anti-flood Safety Contact of Pressostat. Solenoid Valve blocked opened, defective Pressostat and/or Wiring.
ERROR 5NTC Temperature Reading Probe opened or shorted and/or Wiring.
ERROR 6Eeprom-Defective “Cuore” Control Module and/or Wiring.
ERROR 7a(MDL) Jammed Motor’s Rotor and/or Wiring.
ERROR 7Defective Door Safety Lock Device (blocked closed) and/or Wiring.
ERROR 8Defective Tachometric Dynamo (opened or shorted) and/or Wiring.
ERROR 9Defective “Cuore” Control Module (damaged Motor’s TRIAC) and/or Wiring.
ERROR 12Missing dialogue between “Cuore” Control Module and Display board and/or Wiring.
ERROR 13Missing dialogue between “Cuore” Control Module and Display board and/or Wiring. (MDL) – Defective “Cuore” Control Module and/or Wiring.
ERROR 14Missing Water Heating: defective NTC Probe and/or defective Water Heating Element and/or Wiring.
ERROR 15Defective “Cuore” Control Module-Not Programmed “Cuore” Control Module.
ERROR 16Water Heating Element is short circuited or defective electrical insulation.
ERROR 17Wrong signal from Tachometric Dynamo.
ERROR 18Defective “Cuore” Control Module and/or Wiring-Wrong Network Frequency.
Candy Washer Dryer Control Panel

LED’s Flash:

  • 1 Flash: Interlock or wiring to it
  • 2 Flashes: Filling time-out if basic level not reached within 5.5 minutes.
  • 3 Flashes: Failed to drain after 4 minutes.
  • 4 Flashes: Anti-flood pressure switch activated.
  • 5 Flashes: NTC fault or wiring to it.
  • 6 Flashes: Faulty Coreboard (module) or wiring.
  • 7 Flashes: 2 Motor or Drum jammed.
  • 8 Flashes: Tacho fault or motor jammed.
  • 9 Flashes: Motor triac blown on Coreboard
  • 10 Flashes: Not used.
  • 11 Flashes: Faulty dryer module or wiring to it.
  • 12 Flashes: Communication error between Coreboard and Display Board
  • 13 Flashes: Communication error between Coreboard and Display Board.


Malfunction: Does not work on any programme


  1. Plug not in socket.
  2. Not switched on.
  3. Power failure.
  4. Fuse blown.
  5. Door open.


  1. Plug it in.
  2. Switch on.
  3. Check.
  4. Check.
  5. Close door.

Malfunction: Does not fill with water


  1. See cause 1.
  2. Tap turned off.
  3. Programme selector not correctly positioned.
  4. Fill hoses are kinked


  1. Check.
  2. Turn on tap.
  3. Position programme selector correctly.
  4. Straighten fill hoses.

Malfunction: Water does not drain away


  1. Kink in discharge hose.
  2. House drain is blocked
  3. Odd material blocking filter


  1. Straighten discharge hose.
  2. Clean drain
  3. Check filter

Malfunction: Water on floor around the washing machine


  1. Leaking gasket between tap and water inlet hose.
  2. House drain is blocked
  3. Soap drawer blocked with soap residues


  1. Replace gasket and tighten hose and tap well.
  2. Clean drain
  3. Clean soap drawer

Malfunction: Does not spin

Cause: Water has not yet drained away. “No spin” selected (certain models only).

Remedy: Wait a few minutes for machine to empty. Reset button or turn “no spin” knob.

Malfunction: Machine vibrates a lot during spin


  1. Washing machine not completely level.
  2. Transit brackets not removed yet.
  3. Load not distributed evenly.


  1. Adjust the special adjustable feet.
  2. Remove transit brackets.
  3. Rearrange the laundry evenly.

Malfunction: Door will not open

Cause: Two minutes have not elapsed since the programme finished.

Remedy: Wait two minutes.

Malfunction: Display reads error 2

Cause: No water fill.

Remedy: Check water supplies are on.

Malfunction: Display reads error 3

Cause: No pump out.

Remedy: Check drain is clear. Check drain hose is not kinked.

Malfunction: Display reads error 4

Cause: Machine overfilled with water.

Remedy: Turn off water supply to machine. Call service.

During drying phase the drum will accelerate to a higher speed to distribute the load and to optimize the drying performance.

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