Haier Washing Machine Error Codes
Haier Washing Machine Error Codes

Haier Washing Machine Error Codes

Haier Washing Machine Error Codes When the washer senses an error all machine operations will stop, a series of 4beeps will sound and an error code will be shown in the Estimated Time Remainingdisplay.

Haier Washing Machine Error Code Solutions

Error CodesSolutions
Err1Door is not properly shut. Shut the door properly
Err2Drainage error, water not emptied within 6 minutes. Clean the filter and check the drain hose for blockage. If error still exists, please contact the maintenance personnel
Err3Temperature sensor not properly connected or damaged. Contact the maintenance personnel.
Err4Heater error (Appears at the end of a cycle). Reduce load and then start washing again. If problem still exists, please contact the maintenance personnel
Err5Water level not met in 8 minutes. The height of the drain hose is below 80 cm. The drain hose is in water. Make sure that tap is turned on, and water pressure is normal. If problem still exists, please contact the maintenance personnel. Install drain hose within 80-100 cm of height. Make sure the drain hose is not in water.
Err6Motor error
Err7Motor error
Err8Water exceeds protective level.
EndEnd of wash cycle .
1:25The remaining time is 1 hour 25 minutes
19:25Status information:Preset time for delayed operation.
UNbAfter the last rinsing cycle finishes,spinning fails completely due to unbalance of the laundry
doWasher lid is Open. The washer has detectedthat the lid is open. The washer will not start with thewasher lid open. If the lid is openedduring the wash cycle, it maycontinue to run. However, when itreaches a stage that requires thelid to be closed, the error will occur.Closing the lid should dismissthe error and resume normaloperation.
LdToo Long to Drain Water. The washer has detectedthat it is taking too longto completely drain waterfrom the wash tub. Check to make sure the drain hoseis properly installed. The open endof the drain hose should not besubmerged in water.
ULUnbalanced load. The washer has detectedan out of balance load andhas failed to self correctthe condition. Open the washer lid, redistributethe load, close the lid, and thewasher will resume operation.
LfToo long to fill. The washer senses that itis taking too long to fill thewash tub or does not reada change in water levelduring a fill. Check to make sure that thewater hoses are connected to thewasher, there are no kinks in thehoses, and that the supply valvesare fully opened.
f2Water Level is Too High. The washer has detected higher than normal waterlevels, automatic draininghas not resolved the issue.
E1Washer cannot drain the water within 4 minutes. Clear the pump. Service is required.
E2Cannot lock the door after 20 seconds. Service is required.
E4After 8 min, the selected water level has not been reached. Check plumbing and water hose connections. Service is required.
E5Water Temperature Problem. The washer senses thatHot water is too cold, orWarm, Cool, Cold, and TapCold water is too hot. Check to make sure that yourhot water heater is supplying hotwater. Check to make sure that the water hoses are connected to the proper valve; hot to hot, cold to cold.
E8Water level above the warning level.
E10Service is required.
E13Caused by buildup of lint.
FAWater level sensor circuit problem.
FCNo feedback signal from driver unit.
FdDryer heating is abnormal.
FEDryer motor is abnormal.
Haier Washing Machine Parts

Power-off memory function: In case of abrupt power failure or the need to cut off the power during a program cycle, the present settings will be saved and the preset operation will resume when the power is on again.

Note: During the spin process, if too much foam is inspected, in order to protect the motor, the washing machine will eliminate the foam automatically; the motor will stop and the drain pump will drain the water continuously for 90 seconds. If it happens more than 3 times, the motor will stop until the end of cycle without spinning.

Haier Washing Machine Control Panel

Haier Washing Machine Troubleshooting

The following circumstances do not mean there is a fault with the appliance. Contact the Customer Care Team when you have confirmed the problem after following the instructions below.

Haier Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Tips For Saving Energy

  1. Collect clothes for one full wash load.
  2. Avoid overloading the washing machine.
  3. Prewash only heavily soiled clothes.
  4. Reduce the amount of detergent or choose standard or delicate wash programs for slightly soiled clothes.
  5. Choose the correct washing temperature. Most modern detergents can wash with good results in temperatures lower than 60°C. Only use higher temperatures for heavily soiled laundry.
  6. Follow the usage recommendation on the detergent package to avoid using too much detergent.

Cleaning & Care

Cleaning the filter

Caution: Place a container under the drain pump filter, to collect any excess water that may come out of the drain pump when the filter is removed.

Haier Washing Machine Cleaning the filter

Clean the filter once a month:

  1. Open the bottom cover
  2. Remove the filter by turning counterclockwise
  3. Flush the filter clean with running water
  4. Replace the filter by turning clockwise and remount the cover

Caution: The filter must be in place during operation, ensure it is in place after cleaning to avoid leakage.

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