Hitachi Washing Machine Error Codes

Hitachi Washing Machine Error Codes If warning sign such as “F1”, “F9”…etc. are shown in the display, stop operating the washer immediately and contact an authorized service dealer or a service agent for further inspection and/or repairing.

Hitachi Washing Machine Error Code Solutions

Error CodesSolution
C01Water is not supplied. Check water tap, water inlet filter, water line and water hose.
C02Water is not drained. Check drain hose, drain pump and drain outlet. If C02 still appears after removing the possible cause, please contact your local service center for repair.
C03The door is open. Make sure the door stopper is retracted.
C04Spin cycle does not function. Add a few clothes to the drum. (Spinning only one item may result in imbalance.)
C08Door lock does not function. Check the door and close firmly.
C09Door unlock does not function. Laundry may be exceeded 8 kg and door is pushed from inside. Switch power off and press the door to close tightly. Hold that position and switch power on, and wait until the door lock is released.
C14Malfunction of vibration sensor. There may be other appliances that generate electrical noise near the washing machine. Move the appliances away from the washing machine.
C18Spin cycle does not function. The drain hose may not be set correctly. There may be too much foam in the drum. Same as in C02 & C20.
C19Over loaded. Laundry may exceed rated capacity.
C20Drum does not rotate. To eliminate the excessive foam, switch off the washing machine and wait for about 30 mins, then switch on again and select Rinse & Spin without adding detergent.
C30Water flows out from drain hose while washing. Drain hose end is set lower than 60 cm.
CHThe spinning speed is not reached the specifi ed value. Check the amount of powder detergent putting, check the drain hose and installation of drain hose.
COLaundry overload. Decrease the laundry.
CFCF means communication fault
FLVerify that the water is turned on.
Hitachi Washing Machine Control Panel and Display

Hitachi Washing Machine Care and Maintenance

Cleaning the lint filter (cassette type)

  1. Press down on the knob on the top of the lint filter (cassette type) and pull it towards you.
  2. Open the lint filter (cassette type) to the sides and remove the lint that is inside.
  3. Reverse the procedure to replace the lint filter (cassette type).
Hitachi Washing Machine – Care and Maintenance

Cleaning the dispenser

  1. Pull the dispenser and tilt it upwards to remove it.
  2. Pull off the caps.
  3. Use a brush or something to clean the parts.
  4. To remount, tilt the dispenser, align the rib to guide and insert it.

Cleaning the water supply inlet

  1. Close the tap.
  2. Disconnect the water supply hose from the top of the washing machine. (Water in the hose may be drained when you disconnect the hose.)
  3. Use a brush or something to clean the water supply inlet of the washing machine.
  4. Reverse the procedure to replace the water supply hose.

Care and maintenance of the washing machine

  1. Clean the machine body. Wipe the outside of the washing machine with a soft cloth. Do not use solvents such as alcohol or benzine.
  2. If you use a chemically treated cloth, use it according to the instructions for the product.
  3. If detergent or softener gets on the washing machine, quickly wipe it off. The surface could be damaged.

Hitachi Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Hitachi Washing Machine Troubleshooting
ProblemPossible cause
Does not operateThe power plug is not inserted in the power outlet. There is a power outage. The Delay Timer has been set.
It is wet, even though it is the fi rst time to use it (drain hose, tub, etc.)There may be moisture or water left in the tub or hoses from the performance test before shipping from the factory.
The remaining time increases during operationThe remaining time is adjusted to compensate for the speed of the incoming water.
Water is added again during the washing processWater is added automatically up to the set water level if the water level falls because water is absorbed by the laundry.
Wash time is longer than the time that was set manuallyIf the water pressure is low, the operating time may increase due to a longer water supply time.
The washing machine stops during the spin cycle and starts adding waterIf the laundry is extremely off balance when the spin cycle starts, the spin cycle stops and the rinse cycle starts to rebalance the laundry. After the load is rebalanced, the spin cycle starts again.
During the spin cycle, the tub spins increasingly fasterThis is to more effi ciently remove water.
Sound of water is heard when the tub movesThat is the sound of water in the Liquid Load Balancer, which is used for balancing when the tub is spinning.
The tub does not fi ll up when water is added from a bucketTurn on the power. When the power is turned on the drain valve closes and you can fi ll the tub with water.
The lid does not openWhen the lid lock indicator is lit, the lid is locked and cannot be opened.
The strength of water fl ow does not change in spite of changing the indicatorIt may not change the strength of water flow according to the process and the load amount. It is not abnormal.

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