Vestel Washing Machine Error Codes
Vestel Washing Machine Error Codes

Vestel Washing Machine Error Codes

Vestel Washing Machine Error Codes An indispensable assistance in restoring the performance of large-sized equipment is provided by the built-in self-diagnosis function, which allows you to correctly interpret the error code of the Vestel washing machine that appears on the built-in display .in the desired sequence of actions to eliminate the problem.

Vestel Washing Machine Error Code Solutions

The functionality laid down by the electronics manufacturer ensures a quick identification of a failed machine module, which speeds up the process of repairing washing machines the master who arrived on call will prepare in advance to eliminate the breakdown, taking with him the necessary tools and spare parts. Depending on the SM model, the error code on Vestel is displayed by indicating the code designation on the display integrated in the case, or by alternate blinking of the LEDs located on the front panel. The correct interpretation of such signals helps to correctly determine the cause of the malfunction, and quickly repair the machine.

Error code Indicator Description
E01 ++– SMA door is open. Breakage of UBL.
E02 +-+- Low water pressure. Clogged water inlet hose or filter. Breakage of the water inlet valve
E03 +–+ Clogged drain hose or filter.
E04 -++- The water inlet solenoid valve is locked in the “open” position. During washing, there was an increase in water pressure in the water supply. Level sensor defective. Electronic module defective.
E05 -+-+ No water. Level sensor defective. Faulty water inlet valve. Electronic module defective.
Е06 –++ Drain pump defective. Level sensor defective.
E07 +++- A water leak has occurred. Float sensor defective.
E08 ++++ Network failure.
E09 ++-+ Electronic module defective.
E10 +-++ Faulty motor or tachogenerator. There is no contact in connection with the motor.

Vestel washing machine fault codes are listed below. In general, these fault codes include fault codes that you can or cannot do yourself at home. Next to the fault codes, there are explanations about the fault. If the technical service needs to change a malfunction in the machine or correct the malfunction code, we recommend that you have those malfunctions done by the technical service.

Fault Codes and Explanations of Vestel Brand Washing Machine :

F Series Fault codes are valid for 5500–3100–5006–5800 and 3150 washing machine models.

  • F1 Fault Code: This code is the water pump fault code of the machine. Either the pump is out of order or there is a situation preventing the water from being pumped. The filter of the washing machine needs to be cleaned.
  • F2 Fault Code: Water level is low or there is a valve malfunction in the machine. In general, the problem disappears with the replacement of the valve. (Technical Service intervention required.)
  • F3 Fault Code: The water heater (resistance) of the machine is faulty. The resistor may not be heating the water. (Technical Service intervention required.)
  • F4 Fault Code: It is an open circuit Ntc fault. Ntc needs to be changed. (Technical Service intervention required.)
  • F5 Fault Code: Ntc short circuit fault. Most likely, Ntc is corrupted. Replacing the NTC will fix the problem (Technical Service intervention is required.)
  • F6 Fault Code: There is a motor failure in the washing machine and the motor needs to be changed. (Technical Service intervention required.)
  • F7 Fault Code: Triac is a short circuit fault. Technical service should look into it.

Vestel Washing Machine 5850–3070a Models Fault Codes:

  • FE Fault Code: Excessive water intake or overflow error in the machine. The machine must be reset.
  • PE Fault Code: The water in the machine is increasing without a level. The machine needs to be reset.
  • DE Fault Code: Door problem in the washing machine. Problem in opening or closing. It is necessary to check whether there is an obstacle in front of the door.
  • TE Fault Code: Ntc fault, defective part needs to be replaced. (Technical Service intervention required.)
  • SE Fault Code: It is a tacho fault code fault. (Technical Service intervention required.)
  • CE Fault Code: It is engine failure. The motor may need to be replaced. (Technical Service intervention required.)
  • LE Fault Code: It is engine failure. The motor needs to be replaced. (Technical Service intervention required.)

Vestel Hidra E01 Fault: This fault code is probably a fault related to the cover. The door key (lock) may need to be replaced. If you have manual skills, you can change it yourself.

In cases where service intervention is required among the Vestel washing machine fault codes, the machine should not be intervened and the service should be notified.

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