Amica Fault Error Code Problems Solutions
Amica Fault Error Code Problems Solutions

Amica Fault Error Code Problems Solutions

Amica Fault Error Code Problems Solutions In the old days, devices did not have error codes. In some ways, they were better times. However, they come with some serious advantages as well as disadvantages. Before error codes, when a device malfunctioned, it would continue to run and show symptoms no matter what, instead of canceling the program and showing a mysterious error code. Sometimes these symptoms were pretty bad, like boiling the laundry or flooding the kitchen.

Amica Fault Code Solutions

Amica Fault Error Code Problems Solutions But for the most part, they were benign symptoms, such as sticking to some of the wash, reaching the end of a cycle without returning, or leaving a small puddle on the floor. These symptoms formed part of an engineer’s investigation of the cause of a malfunction, and carefully questioning the owner about exactly what had happened certainly made me feel more capable and made the job more interesting.

A good engineer would always know what questions to ask and would listen carefully to the answers. The description of the symptoms almost always leads an engineer to the suspected fault. Error codes now take most of the detective work away from being an engineer. But more importantly, they hide the symptoms. What’s wrong with the error codes? In tip name, error code.

Codes are often hidden in nature and while some very basic error codes are described in user manuals, the rest are usually hidden from the owner of the device. More worryingly, these are also often hidden from independent repair engineers.

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