Hobart Rack Oven Troubleshooting
Hobart Rack Oven Troubleshooting

Hobart Rack Oven Troubleshooting

Hobart Rack Oven Troubleshooting & Error Codes From bakeries to casual-dining restaurants, Hobart rack ovens are used in a wide variety of foodservice establishments. These units not only bake quickly and evenly, but they also are built to last for years. In the rare instance an issue pops over time, proper diagnosis is crucial. This guide features helpful Hobart rack oven troubleshooting tips and error codes to help you identify any issue quickly.

Hobart Rack Oven Troubleshooting Solutions

Burners Won’t Light

On Hobart gas rack ovens, check for the following if the burners aren’t lighting:

  • Oven was accidentally turned off – It’s common that someone accidentally turned the oven off. Double check that the ON button is turned on.
  • Door is open – Close the oven door, so that it’s sealed shut.
  • Gas valve is off – Turn the gas shutoff valve back to the ON position.
  • Oven needs to be reset – Sometimes, the unit needs to be reset. Simply press the OFF button and wait about five minutes to push the ON button.

Circulation Fan Runs with Oven Off

If the oven’s circulation fan is running when the unit is off, the oven likely has entered cooling mode with the door open. If the door isn’t open with the fan running, contact a local Hobart service technician to remedy the issue.

Rack Won’t Lift or Rotate

If the rack isn’t rotating or lifting, the bake time wasn’t entered in the timer or the timer wasn’t started. Resolve this by entering a time in the bake timer and pressing START. If the issue continues, contact a local Hobart service technician to resolve the issue.

Steam Timer Won’t Adjust Properly

If the steam timer isn’t setting above 10 seconds and the time increments operate by one second, the oven likely is Food Service Mode. Return to Bakery Mode by pressing and holding both the START and POWER ON/OFF buttons. Select Parameter 14 and set the value in the bake timer to “0.” The steam time will now work in five-second increments.

Error Codes & Alarm Messages

Error Code / Alarm



Display changes from a number to “COOL”

The unit is in Cool Down mode.

Close the oven door to return to the normal mode.

Display shows “SHdn”

The safety alarm disabled the oven.

Turn off all the power and gas to the unit and DO NOT use it. Contact a local Hobart service technician to repair.

Display shows “LOC OUT”

The unit is in Kosher Lock-Out mode.

Contact a local Hobart service technician to remedy the issue.

Display flashes while the oven is in a timed bake cycle and is calling for heat

This is a temperature recovery alert.

Open and close the oven door to reset the heat control. Contact a local Hobart service technician to repair if the oven won’t heat.

Control beeps nonstop

This is a rack rotation alert.

Check that the rack is rotating and for pans protruding from the rack. Contact a local Hobart service technician if the issue continues.

Control beeps rapidly
(faster than Baker Timer beep)

This is a temperature alert for Kosher mode.

Turn VENT off if activated. On gas models, see if the burner is firing. If not, quickly open and close the door to reset the temperature control.

Need more Hobart rack oven troubleshooting or daily maintenance tips? Check out our complete collection of Hobart manuals for the proper instructions.

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