Clearing a Hobart Dishwasher Conveyor Jam
Clearing a Hobart Dishwasher Conveyor Jam

Clearing a Hobart Dishwasher Conveyor Jam

Clearing a Hobart Dishwasher Conveyor Jam When it comes to warewashing, Hobart dishwashers are some of the best in the foodservice industry. Many commercial kitchens rely on its line of conveyor units to rapidly clean everything from dishes to barware. If your unit ever experiences a jam, the issue can be cleared up in just a matter of minutes. Below are steps for clearing a Hobart dishwasher conveyor jam.

Clearing a Hobart Dishwasher Conveyor Jam Solutions

What Can Cause a Jam?

There are several factors that can cause a jam, but rack jams and excessive washing loads are the most common culprits. Here is how you can avoid these issues from causing a conveyor jam:

  • Rack placement – To ensure proper rack operation, slide the rack part way into the machine until the conveyor dogs catch the rack. Once it catches and the rack completely passes the curtains, you then can begin loading another rack onto the conveyor.
  • Loading racks – Do not overload items in the rack. Hobart instructions operators not to stack dishes on top of each other but to stand them up edgewise instead. Keep each rack loaded with like or similar items (i.e. dishes with plates, bowls with cups and glasses). Follow the operator’s manual for specific loading instructions.

How Do You Clear a Jam?

If the dishwasher’s conveyor jams, this triggers an overload mechanism that shuts off the drive motor. As a result, a “Clear Conveyor Jam” error message will appear on the display. To clear the jam and error message, please do the following:

  • Step 1. With the machine off, open the doors and locate the cause of the jam.
  • Step 2a. If the jam is caused by an improperly placed rack, remove the rack from the machine. When you restart the machine, follow the placement instructions above or in the operator’s manual.
  • Step 2b. If the jam is caused by an excessive load, remove the racks from the machine. Reload each rack so the wash loads are smaller when you restart the machine.
  • Step 3. Once the jam is cleared, close the doors. Restart the dishwasher by pressing the START/ENTER button on the keypad.

If you need more help clearing a Hobart dishwasher conveyor jam, check out our collection of Hobart dishwasher manuals or our troubleshooting guide for assistance.

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