Miele Refrigerator Error Codes

Miele Refrigerator Error Codes Repairs should only be carried out by a qualified and trained person in strict accordance with local and national safety regulations. Unauthorized repairs could cause personal injury or machine damage and may void the warranty.

Miele Refrigerator Error Code Solutions

Error CodesProblem
F0Fault-in sensor fresh air ”BioFresh”
F1The sensor of the refrigerating chamber
F2Faulty evaporator sensor
F3Faulty air sensor freezer comparment
F4Indicates a failure in the sensor evaporator
F5Card malfunction microprocessor control
01,_F,21Ice fault
Normal noises: Brrrrr …A humming noise is made by the motor (compressor). This noise can get louder for brief periods when the motor switches on.
Normal noises: Blubb, blubb …A gurgling noise can be heard when coolant is circulating through the pipes.
Normal noises: Click …Clicking sounds are made when the thermostat switches the motor on and off.
Normal noises: Sssrrrrr …On multi-zone and frost-free appliances you can sometimes just hear the movement of the fan inside the appliance. On appliances with a water tank a buzzing sound can be heard when water is being pumped out of the water tank.
Normal noises: Crack …A cracking sound can be heard when materials expand inside the appliance.
nAThe temperature in the freezer section has risen too high at some point during the last few days because of a power failure. Press the alarm off button while “nA” is lit in the display. The display will show the warmest temperature reached in the freezer during the power failure for about 1 minute. The display will then revert to the current temperature in the freezer section. After the power failure the appliance will continue running at the last temperature set, there is no need to re-set.
Miele Refrigerator Explanation of symbols

Miele Refrigerator Troubleshooting

With the aid of the following guide, minor problems can be easily corrected without contacting Miele. If, after consulting this guide, you cannot remedy the problem, please contact Miele. Please note, however, that a call-out fee will be applied to unnecessary service visits where the problem could have been rectified as described in these operating instructions. To prevent cold from escaping, avoid opening the appliance door until the fault has been corrected.

ProblemPossible causeRemedy
You cannot switch the appliance off.The safety lock is switched on. The ”lock” symbol lights up.Switch the safety lock off (see “Settings – Switching the safety lock on/off”).
The external walls
of the appliance feel
This is not a fault. The heat which results from the cooling process is used to avoid the build-up of condensation on the appliance.None.
The floor of the refrigerator is wet.The condensate drain hole is blocked.Clean the condensate channel and drain hole.
The LED lighting on the fruit and vegetable drawer does not work.To avoid overheating, the lighting switches itself off automatically after approx. 15 minutes if the door is left open.To avoid overheating, the lighting switches itself off automatically after approx. 15 minutes if the door is left open.
The LED lighting on the adjustable shelves does not work.To avoid overheating, the lighting switches itself off automatically after approx. 15 minutes if the door is left open.Close the appliance door. When the door is reopened, the interior lighting will work again.
The LED lighting on the adjustable shelves does not work.Liquid has come into contact with the LED lighting on a shelf or the metal discs (contacts) in the left-hand support ribs. A safety cut-out switches the interior lighting off.Wipe the stainless steel strip with LED lighting with a damp cloth and dry it with a soft cloth, or let it dry outside the appliance. Clean the metal discs (contacts) in the same way.
The LED lighting on one of the adjustable shelves does not work.The adjustable shelf is not sitting correctly in the support ribs.Push in the shelf until it clicks into position.
“F0 to F9” appears in the display.There is a fault.Call Miele.
The temperature in the appliance is too high.This is not a fault.Correct the temperature setting. Check the temperature again after 24 hours.
The compressor is switching on more frequently and for longer periods.The ventilation gaps in the housing unit have been covered or become too dusty.Do not block the ventilation gaps. Clean the ventilation gaps on a regular basis.
The compressor runs continuously.To save energy, the compressor runs at a lower speed, but for longer, when less cooling is required.None.
The temperature in the appliance is too low.The temperature setting is too low.Correct the temperature setting.
The appliance does not get cold, although the controls and the interior lighting are working.The Demo mode is switched on and the  symbol lights up in the display. This allows the appliance to be presented in Miele Centers and retail stores without switching on refrigeration. Do not switch on Demo mode at homeSwitch off Demo mode (see “Information for Miele Centers and Chartered Agents – Demo mode”).
The appliance does not get cold, the interior lightning does not come on when the door is opened, and the display is dark.The appliance is not switched on and the mains connection symbol  lights up in the display.Touch the On/Off sensor.
Miele Refrigerator Control Panel

Cleaning and Care

Cleaning and Care

To avoid damage to the surfaces do not use any

  • cleaning agents containing soda, ammonia, acid or chloride,
  • limescale removers,
  • abrasive cleaning agents e.g. powder or cream cleansers, pumice stone,
  • cleaners containing solvents,
  • stainless steel cleaners,
  • dishwasher detergent,
  • oven sprays,
  • glass cleaners,
  • abrasive hard sponges and brushes, such as pan scrubbers,
  • magic erasers,
  • sharp metal scrapers.

Before cleaning

  • Turn the appliance off.
    Unplug the power cord from the wall socket or turn the circuit breaker off in the electrical panel.
  • Remove any food from the appliance and store it in a cool place.
  • Take out any removable parts, e.g., shelves, trays, drawers.
  • To clean the bottle and serving shelves in the door remove the hanging containers from their stainless steel frames for cleaning.
  • Remove the entire butter and cheese compartment.
  • Open the lid of the butter and cheese compartment.
  • Loosen one side of the stainless steel cover from the edge of the lid (1.).
  • Push the white plastic buttons out of the recesses (2.).
  • Reattach the stainless steel cover to the lid of the butter and cheese compartment following the reverse sequence.

Cleaning the interior and accessories

  • Clean the appliance at least once a month.
  • Clean the adjustable shelves and drawers inside the appliance by hand; these parts are not dishwasher safe.
  • Clean the condensate channel and drain hole frequently, so that condensate can flow away easily. Use a straw or similar item to clear the drain if necessary.
  • After washing, wipe down the interior and accessories with a clean wet cloth, then dry with a soft cloth. Leave the appliance doors open for a short time, so the moisture can evaporate.
  • Clean the stainless steel surfaces with a suitable stainless steel cleaner (available from Miele). This will help protect the stainless steel and prevent resoiling.

Ventilation slits

  • Check the ventilation slits regularly. Remove any dirt/dust with a vacuum cleaner or brush. Clean as needed.
  • Clean the door seals with warm water and dry thoroughly.

After cleaning

  • Return all shelves, drawers and accessories.
  • Place food back in the refrigerator section, close the appliance door, insert the plug in the power outlet and turn the appliance on.
  • Turn on the Super function of the freezer to cool the freezer section quickly. The indicator light will come on.
  • Once the freezer has reached a constant of 0°F (-18 °C) or colder, place the food back in the drawers and replace them in the freezer section and turn off the Super function.

Safety lock

The safety lock can be activated to prevent the appliance from being turned off accidently.

Activating/Deactivating the safety lock

  • Press the Super button of the freezer for approx. 5 seconds.
  • Press the Super button of the freezer again.

c ; will appear in the display.

Using the temperature selector buttons you can now choose between c0 and c1 :

0: safety lock deactivated,

1: safety lock activated.

  • Press the Super button of the freezer to save the setting.

The safety lock indicator lights up in the display ‘lock’ when it is activated.

  • Press the main switch on the right side on the control panel to exit the settings mode.

If a button is not pressed within 2 minutes the electronics will return to normal operation.

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