Air Conditioner Heating Not Working
Air Conditioner Heating Not Working

Air Conditioner Heating Not Working ?

Air Conditioner Heating Not Working ? Installed a reversible air conditioner in your room and finding that, though cooling in summer is fine, it’s producing either very little heat or even no heat at all in winter? In this article, we show you how to check some potential causes for this issue before calling in a technician.

Why Doesn’t the Air Conditioner Heating ?

Air conditioner not programmed correctly

It might seem obvious, but this is the first thing to check before trying anything more complex. It’s perfectly possible to simply choose the wrong settings by accident. Check the hot air function is activated!

External evaporator clogged

In reversible air conditioners, the fluids heated by the compressor (the motor) pass through the condenser, which thus acts as a heat source in your room. The fluid continues on its way, progressively cooling bit by bit until it reaches the evaporator, which will be located on the exterior of your home. As the fluid passes through the evaporator, it should normally cool completely. If the filters are too clogged up, however, the external air won’t be able to pass through properly and circulation will be less than optimal. Check the condition of all the filters (internal and external) in your appliance. Clean them if necessary, or replace them completely if damaged.

External evaporator frosted up

Another problem you may encounter: when it’s excessively cold outside, it’s possible for the entire evaporator to get frosted up. Because frost acts as an insulator, it will prevent the evaporator from working properly. If you notice this happening, switch your air conditioning unit off for several hours to allow the frost to melt. Then switch it back on!

Fan no longer working

It’s possible there’s an issue with the fan system that’s preventing the warm air from circulating into the room. If it’s noisy, it’s likely the fan impeller is simply badly positioned. You can also check the fan motor by using a multimeter in voltmeter mode to verify there’s definitely a voltage present. If you get a reading of around 230 V and the motor still won’t react, it will need to be replaced.

Blinking display panel

Display panel on your air conditioner showing blinking numbers or flashing LEDs? This means your appliance is displaying an error code or error status. To find out what the error code/status means, you’ll need to consult your user manual or contact the after-sales service for your appliance.

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