Dishwasher Uses Too Little or Too (Detergent Salt) Much ?

Dishwasher Uses Too Little or Too Much (Detergent Salt) ? It can sometimes happen that your dishwasher is using up too many or not enough of the various detergent or rinse aid products you put in it. We are going to explain the possible causes for this and how to fix this problem.

Why Does the Dishwasher Use Less or More (Detergent and Salt)?

The dishwasher doesn’t use enough rinse aid

If the rinse aid you’re using in your dishwasher doesn’t get used up, there are two possible causes:

  • The drain hose is too low or set too deep into your plumbing. Due to this, the water is likely to drain by siphoning and this stops the cycle from running to completion. Rinsing therefore does not take place. It should be noted that the drain hose needs to be 65cm above the ground and should be set 15cm inside the plumbing at the very maximum.
  • The cycle you have launched is shorter than usual (fast programme). If so, your dishwasher may not start the rinse cycle.

If despite checking for both these instances, the rinse aid still doesn’t seem to be used by the dishwasher, you should consider replacing the detergent dispenser. Be sure to wear gloves however, because the metal panels on the door are very sharp.

The dishwasher doesn’t use enough detergent

If the tablet stays in the dispenser, it may be because it is sticking to the catch. If, on the other hand, it just stays in the dispenser, it is because the dispenser itself is probably faulty and needs replacing. If you put a large enough quantity of liquid gel in it, it may create a sucking effect and end up stopping the catch from opening. Clean the dispenser’s catch and then try again. The dispenser should now open easily.

The dishwasher doesn’t use enough salt

If your washing machine’s salt container isn’t emptying any more, you should check the container settings and then check the regeneration solenoid valve. This solenoid valve is usually attached on or next to the water softener unit. You can also check the status of the water distributor because if it is clogged with limescale, for example, it will not take any more salt. This is located behind the right or left panel of your dishwasher. The tablets don’t dissolve completely

The tablets don’t dissolve completely

If the detergent tablets aren’t being fully dissolved, it is probably because the selected program and the specific characteristics of the tablets that are being used aren’t compatible. 3-in-1 tablets for example have a slow dissolving time, usually 1.5 hours. If you start a short, fast or eco programme, you are likely to find some of the tablet is left behind. We advise you to use conventional tablets so that your dishwasher is able to work better.

The rinse aid gets used up very quickly

On certain models of washing machine, the rinse aid is taken up electro mechanically. If the rinse aid you put in your dishwasher empties too quickly, it is possible that you’re not using the dispenser for your tablets (because you’re putting it directly in the cutlery basket for example) and leaving the dispenser open means that the rinse aid is likely to run twice per wash. Therfore the rinse aid will run out and empty too quickly. Please note, new dispensers have small reservoirs and can empty within a week. You should also check the settings for how much rinse aid is used. It might also be the case that your dispenser is leaking. If this is the case, you must replace it.

The salt gets used up very quickly

There are two possible causes for why the salt you put in your dishwasher is draining out too quickly. It could be because the regeneration solenoid is no longer shutting off and letting the salt spill out, in which case you will get dishes that taste of salt. If your salt cap is no longer watertight or doesn’t close properly, you will also get dishes that taste of salt.

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