How to Bleed Air from Radiators
How to Bleed Air from Radiators

How to Bleed Air from Radiators ?

How to Bleed Air from Radiators ? You do not need to call a plumber to bleed the honeycombs. It is a very simple but demanding job. Of course, every heating system’s air is different. For example, since there is no honeycomb in underfloor heating systems, it is different to bleed the system. So, how do you get the air from the honeycombs?

How to Get Panel Honeycomb Air?

Panel honeycombs are one of the most widely used types of honeycombs today. It is highly preferred due to its advantages such as taking up less space, being durable, being efficient and being economical. Each honeycomb model has a purge valve to take the air while it is making air. Panel honeycombs also have a purge valve. To open the breather valve you must have a breather wrench or flat screwdriver .

With a breather wrench or a flat screwdriver, the breather valve is opened a quarter turn counterclockwise. This is the part that needs attention. Never open the purge valve completely. A quarter turn is enough for air to come out. If necessary, it can also be opened half a turn. In addition, if you hold a container under the purge valve, the water that comes out does not pollute the place.

The deaeration process is to ensure that all the air in the honeycomb comes out. If there is air in the honeycomb, air will start to come out as soon as you loosen the purge valve. After the air in the honeycomb is exhausted, water flows from the purge valve. You can close the purge valve when the water flows. By doing this , you will perform the process of taking air from the heater core . You need to apply this process one by one to all the honeycombs that you think have air in them.

How to Take Air from Cast Honeycombs?

How to Bleed Air from Radiators ? How to get the heating air of cast honeycombs The answer to your question is; As with panel honeycombs, some cast honeycombs have a purge valve. However, these purge valves may not be visible because they are old-style honeycomb. Bleeder valves may be lost due to excessive paint. Sometimes the vent valve does not turn due to paint, or air does not come out because its hole is clogged, or the valve does not loosen due to reasons such as oxidation and rust. In this case, special breather plugs are sold.

By purchasing these plugs, you must remove the old plug and install the plug you bought. Then you can take the air from the core by closing the upper valve of the radiator. If you can’t find any of the plugs sold, then you should take the air from the core from the upper valve. You can get air by loosening the cap of the upper valve. Thus, aeration process is carried out in cast honeycombs.

Another point to remember is; In the deaeration process, the upper valve is closed and the lower valve is left open.

How to Clean Honeycomb?
If the top of the combs is not heated, it means that there is air in the comb. However, if the bottom of the comb is not heated, it means that sediment has accumulated at the bottom of the comb and should be cleaned without losing time.

How to Take Air from Aluminum Heater Core?

How to Bleed Air from Radiators ? Ventilation process in Alurad Honeycombs is like removing air from panel radiators. However, since alurad honeycombs are sensitive, this process should be done with a little more care. In addition, the combi boiler must be turned on while the air is being taken from the alurad cores.

Is the air taken from the combs while the boiler is operating?

In the combi booklet, it is recommended that the combi be turned off while the cores are vented. However, air bleed can be performed while the boiler is on. If the air is taken from the comb while the combi is on, a person must also wait at the beginning of the combi.

While the honeycomb air is being taken, the person standing by the combi boiler should add water as the pressure drops. This work should be done at the same rate, otherwise the boiler will give a fault code and stop working. If the combi boiler gives a fault code, if you take the air from all the cores and make water replenishment, start the combi again, there will be no problem.

Why Do Honeycombs Make Air?

The most obvious reason why the honeycombs make air is the air remaining in the pipe when the installation is first made. The air remaining in the pipes starts to accumulate in the honeycombs when the combi boiler starts to operate. The air accumulating in the honeycombs over time prevents the honeycombs from heating.

A second reason is; When you do a water change in your plumbing system, it is caused by air entering the pipes.

How Do I Know If The Honeycomb Is Making Air?

The most practical method to understand that the honeycombs are making air is to touch the top of the honeycomb with your hand. If the top of the combs is cold and the bottom is warm, or if the top left is cold, the top right is hot, or vice versa, there is air in the comb.

The fact that the honeycomb makes air is sometimes ignored, but it should not be forgotten; When the honeycomb makes air, the combi wastes energy unnecessarily and the combs do not heat up properly. In this case, it means extra cost to your pocket.

How to Take Air from Underfloor Heating System?

There is no honeycomb in underfloor heating systems. Heat is obtained through pipes passing through the floor. The pipes passing through the floor are collected at the common point called the collector. When the underfloor heating system makes air, the air accumulates in the collector. The air accumulated in the collector can be taken from the purge valve, just like in the honeycombs.