Tumble Dryer Not Working
Tumble Dryer Not Working

Tumble Dryer Not Working ?

Tumble Dryer Not Working ? Is your tumble dryer refusing to switch on and you’re unable to find out what the source of the problem is? Here we explain what might be causing this issue and how to resolve it by yourself

Why Won’t The Tumble Dryer Start?

There is an issue with the electricity supply to the appliance

The electricity supply enables your tumble dryer to function and operate. The cause of the issue may simply be a faulty electric socket. There needs to be a 230 volt supply at the socket and it absolutely must be properly earthed. Check the socket is definitely working by, for example, plugging a different appliance into it. Quick reminder: you are strongly advised not to plug large domestic appliances into multi-socket extension leads.

The safety thermostat has tripped

The safety thermostat is a thermal safety device, usually non-resettable. If the safety thermostat gets tripped, it will stop the tumble dryer heating up, and on some appliances it will also switch the appliance off and prevent it from being turned back on. The thermostat trips if the appliance overheats, if the drive belt snaps, if the motor stops, etc. You can easily check and test it using a multimeter in ohmmeter mode. First, find out where the safety thermostat is located (it will normally be behind the drum, near the heating element). Next, disconnect all the connectors and place the meter’s two probes on the thermostat’s two terminals to check it definitely has continuity. Some types of thermostat can be reset. These tend to have either a small button on top or a hole into which something small and thin, such as the end of a paperclip, has to be inserted to produce the reset ‘click’.

The start/stop switch is faulty

If your tumble dryer’s start/stop switch is faulty, it will prevent your appliance from coming on. You can check whether it’s working properly using a multimeter in ohmmeter mode. If there is no continuity in either of its two positions (on and off), you will need to replace it.

The door safety lock is damaged

The door safety lock on your tumble dryer prevents the appliance from operating with the door open. If the microswitch contact is faulty, the dryer may detect the door as being open even though it’s firmly closed, and this will prevent the appliance from operating. It’s also possible that the door hook or striker pin has broken or snapped off completely. You can check the door on your appliance yourself to see if the door hook or striker pin is still in place. The door contact can be tested using a multimeter in ohmmeter mode. If it doesn’t have open continuity when activated, it will need to be replaced.

The programmer is damaged

Some appliances are equipped with mechanical programmers. These are fitted with gears and cams. The cams are the parts that press on the electric contacts. If the electric contacts get damaged, this will prevent your tumble dryer from operating. Check the condition of these internal contacts (if visible) and spray some cleaning spray designed specifically for electrical contacts on the programmer’s connectors and contacts. Additionally, check the terminals aren’t burnt. Carry out a test so you can see if the programmer is working properly and replace it if it’s too damaged.

The interference suppressor has blown

The interference suppressor is required to protect your tumble dryer against potential electronic malfunctions. Its role is to provide a line of defence against various electrical phenomena. Over time, the interference suppressor can become swollen and fail, and this will prevent the appliance from coming on. You can test this component by using a multimeter to check there are 230 volts at the capacitor output. The capacitor will be located inside your appliance, on the rear panel. Simply follow the power cord to find its location.

The drain pump is blocked

The drain pump on a tumble dryer enables the appliance to evacuate the water produced by condensation. If the drain pump is jammed or blocked by fibres or other deposits, or there is a fault on the electrical coil, it will fail to work and the safety float that indicates that the tank is full of water will stop the appliance and prevent it from operating. Take the pump off and check it turns freely. Empty the water collection tank and carry out another test. Wait for the pump to begin operating. If it vibrates but fails to turn, or it’s definitely being supplied with power but fails to turn, it will need to be replaced.

The main circuit board (PCB) is defective

The circuit board manages all your tumble dryer’s functions (i.e. motor, heating, etc.). If everything else detailed above has been checked, it may be that the circuit board needs replacing. You can either do this yourself or call on the services of a manufacturer-approved engineer.

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