Blomberg Washing Machine Error Codes

Blomberg Washing Machine Error Codes Blomberg washer showing error code? When your Blomberg washing machine shows an error code, it is identifying a problem. The code that shows on the washing machine’s display is informing you a specific part or component in the washer needs to be checked, cleaned, or replaced.

Front-Loading Automatic Washer Error Display In case of a malfunction, the appliance will identify the problem by showing an error code on the display.

Blomberg Washing Machine Error Code Solutions

Error CodesSolution
E1Aqua stop device tripped. Cut off power supply, turn off water tap and contact nearest service centre.
E5Water not taken in for washing. See point 2 in troubleshooting table.
E6Water not pumped out. See point 4 in troubleshooting table.
OPENDoor not properly closed. Try reclosing.

For all the other error codes displayed, cut off the electricity supply, turn off the water tap and contact your nearest Service Centre.

Blomberg Washing Machine Control Panel

This produce complies with the relevant regulations governing the safety of electrical equipment. For safety reasons, any technical inspections or repairs must be performed by qualified staff, to prevent all hazards for the user.

If the appliance does not work, before calling the After-Sales Service, to avoid unnecessary expense, check yourself that the operations listed in this troubleshooting table have been carried out.

Problem: Appliance does not start

Check that:

  • plug is properly connected to socket
  • door is securely closed
  • “Start/Pause” button has been pressed.

Problem: No water filling

Check that:

  • plug is properly connected to socket
  • door is securely closed
  • water tap is turned on
  • water intake hose filters not fouled.
  • water intake hose not trapped or kinked

Problem: No water visible in washing drum

No malfunction. The water level is below the level of the glass in the door because new appliances use very little water to achieve the same washing and rinsing results.

Problem: Water not pumped out

Check that:

  • drain hose is not kinked.
  • drain pump not fouled.
Blomberg Washing Machine Display Symbols

Problem: Water not pumped out after last rinse in delicate fabrics and wool wash programmes

It is not a malfunction: pause programmed into washing programme to prevent creasing of fabrics. To pump out water, proceed as described in “Programme End” point.

Problem: Water takes in and pumps out water continually

Check that end of drain hose is not too low down.

Problem: Strong vibrations during spins

Check that:

  • Appliance is properly levelled
  • washer-dryer not too close to walls or kitchen units
  • internal unit on flexible mounts locked in position.

Problem: Too much foam formed in tank and flowing out of drawer

Check that:

  • detergent used is recommended for automatic washing machines and not for hand washing
  • quantity used is as stated in manual and no more.

Problem: Water on floor

Check that:

  • water intake hose fittings not loose
  • end of drain hose still correctly positioned.
Blomberg Washing Machine Parts

Problem: Not all fabric conditioner used or too much water left in compartment

Check that detergent drawer siphons are correctly fitted and not fouled.

Problem: Appliance does not spin

Anti-imbalance safety device tripped because laundry not evenly distributed in drum. If laundry is still wet at end of cycle, rearrange it in the drum by hand and repeat spin programme only.

Problem: Emptying water from drum

In the event of a power blackout or appliance failure, the water can be removed from the drum using the emergency procedure.

Problem: Laundry not properly spun

Large items screwed up and not evenly distributed within drum. Always wash a mix of large and small items.

Problem: Traces of detergent on laundry

Many phosphate-free detergents contain substances with low water solubility. Select Rinse programme or brush the laundry.

Problem: Laundry not dried

Check that:

  • water tap is turned on
  • load of laundry is not excessive
  • drying time is long enough
  • appropriate drying time selected.

If the appliance still does not dry the laundry, call the Service Centre to have the fan and drying ducts cleaned to remove any fluff deposits

Problem: Washing results unsatisfactory 

  • Probably too little detergent or unsuitable detergent used
  • Difficult stains not dealt with before washing
  • Correct temperature not set
  • Basket overloaded.

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