Bloomfield Coffee Machine Troubleshooting
Bloomfield Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

Bloomfield Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

Bloomfield Coffee Machine Troubleshooting Voltage drops, forced disconnection of the coffee machine, a rare cleaning from the scaling these are only some reasons which can cause a breakdown of the appliance. The table below describes the main causes of coffee maker failures and methods of repair.

Bloomfield 1016BVM coffee maker troubleshooting

Water won’t heat Brewer unplugged or circuit breaker tripped Check power supply cord Check / reset circuit breaker
Temperature adjusted too low or set to OFF. Set to on and set for desired temperature.
Hi-Limit safety switch tripped Access hi-limit by removing front panel. Hi-limit is on the left side of the tank. Use an insulated tool to push the red button in until it “clicks” and stays.
Damaged internal component or wiring Allow to cool
Examine wiring & connectors, controller, power board and heating element
Repair/replace as needed
Coffee level too high or low Timer out of adjustment Adjust controller.
Too many filter papers or wrong filter paper Use one (1) genuine Bloomfield filter per brew
Brew chamber overflows Brew chamber dispense hole plugged Thoroughly clean brew chamber
Too much coffee or too fine a grind Use correct grind and amount of coffee
Sprays water from brew head Spray gasket improperly installed Check/reinstall gasket on INSIDE of brew head
Spray disk plugged or installed upside down Clean spray disk and install with ears “up”
No brew (faucet flows OK) Damaged internal component or wiring Check keypad, controller, power board & solenoid Repair, replace as needed
No brew plus no flow from hot water faucet Water supply OFF Turn water supply ON
Solenoid inlet strainer plugged Clean strainer
Water filter (if used) plugged Replace filter element
No flow from hot water faucet Faucet valve turned OFF Turn faucet valve ON
Faucet plugged Disassemble faucet, clean
Main warmer inoperative Warmer Fuse blown Check wiring for moisture Replace 10 amp fuse
Poor coffee quality Keep brewer and decanters clean.
Install a taste and odor filter in water supply, and replace cartridges regularly.
Use a quality coffee with a consistent roast. Use proper grind and amount of coffee per brew.

Bloomfield 8357G coffee maker troubleshooting

Unit fails to brew Start switch Check start switch continuity, replace if defective.
Timer Check timer continuity, replace if defective.
Unit fails to stop brewing after pressing Stop Brew Switch Stop Brew Switch Check Stop Brew Switch continuity, replace if defective.
Switch open time too short Press switch for longer than 1 second
Water Solenoid Valves Identify which Solenoid Valve is defective. Replace Solenoid Valve if it does not close when Stop Brew Switch is pressed.
Tea overflows from the Filter when brewing Timer Check total volume of Tea. Readjust timer if necessary.
Water Solenoid Valve Check both Solenoid Valves for correct flow. Replace valve.
Water keeps running (Will not shut OFF) Timer Timer is defective, will not cycle to OFF condition. Replace timer.
Water solenoid valve (Plunger stuck open) Identify faulty valve. Check coil and replace coil or valve if defective.
Water fails to heat, and brewer does not work. No power to brewer Check if power cord is plugged into wall oulet. Check line fuse or circuit breaker – if OFF, turn it ON or replace.
If circuit continues to be open, call a qualified service agent. Defective cord or plug – repair or replace.
Loose wires – remove front and top panels and check for loose connections, screws or terminals.
Tighten screws, repair or replace terminals.
Hi-limit safety control Push Reset (Model 8357GB)
Check for a loose wire or connection. Repair and/or reconnect. Disconnect wires and check for continuity on both terminals of the hi-limit safety control.
If continuity is present, the control is functioning properly, if not, replace hi-limit.
Unit damaged due to hook-up to wrong voltage. Check source receptacle for single phase or mis-wired power receptacle.
Water fails to heat, but brewer does work. Heater switch Switch in OFF position – turn ON. Defective switch, replace switch.
Tank Heater Check for loose wire or connection. Repair or reconnect.
Check for proper voltage at tank heater terminals. If voltage is present, element is defective, replace element.
Thermostat Check for loose wire or connection feeding into the thermostat.
If ready light Is ON turn the thermostat adjusting shaft CLOCKWISE to the full ON position. If ready light goes out, water should begin to heat, adjust to proper water temperature.
If ready light stays ON, replace the thermostat.
Ready light fails to glow when water reaches brew temperature Ready light is defective. If thermostat cycles ON and OFF and ready light does not glow, replace ready light.
Water heats, but is not hot enough Thermostat needs adjustment. If water from the spray elbow (with spray disc removed) Is not hot enough for proper brewing, and thermostat cycles the tank heater OFF, adjust the thermostat to a higher setting. 1/2 turn equals approximately 18?F (10?C) temperature change. To INCREASE the tank temperature, turn the adjustment shaft in a CLOCKWISE direction.
Thermostat defective. If adjusting thermostat to a higher setting does not correct the problem, the thermostat is defective, replace it.
Hi-limit safety control (Ready light does not come on) Hi-limit safety control is defective. Replace it.
Water heats, but takes a long time. (Slow recovery) High lime deposits. Delime unit.
Low voltage at source. Check voltage. It should be within 10% of unit rating plate. If a low voltage condition exists, an electrician should be consulted.
A low voltage condition can and does cause frequent service calls, as well as extending water heating time.
Low voltage at tank heater. Voltage rating and power source must be the same. Check wiring diagram and re-wire.
Water temperature too hot. (Steams, Bolls or heat never shuts off) Thermostat Thermostat out of calibration or defective. Adjust or replace It.
Dry Tea remaining in the brew funnel after a brew has been completed. Spray disc missing. The spray disc must be in place to break up the water stream.
Filter paper Use proper filter papers.
Improper loading of the brew funnel. Filter should be centered in the brew funnel and the tea bed should be level.
Tea grounds do not get wet – water leaks out of the bottom of the unit. Leak In water path Check for correct fit and leakage at all fittings and tubing assy, tank cover gasket and bypass tubing.
Weak Tea Too much water Adjust timer/Decrease volume or change grind.
Water temperature too low Adjust thermostat to a higher setting
Improper loading of brew funnel Filter paper must be centered in brew funnel. Tea bed must be level when staring a brew cycle.
Inconsistent volume of Brew Receiving Dispenser not empty when a brew cycle Is started Always start with an empty receiving dispenser when a brew is started
Water pressure too high or fluctuating. Check flowing water pressure to see if it exceeds 90 PSI at anytime, a pressure regulator should be installed in the water supply line.
Water continues to flow. (Will not shut OFF if power is disconnected) Start switch Check start switch continuity and wire connections if valve closes. Replace/repair if defective.
Solenoid Valve Solenoid Valve is defective If does not close after brewed cycle. Replace Solenoid Valve.
No water from the spray disc (when brew switch is activated) No Water Be sure water shut-off valves are open.
No Power Check line fuse or circuit breaker. If OFF, turn ON, or replace fuse. Make certain unit is alone on its own electrical lines.
If fuses or circuit breaker continue to open, call qualified serviceman.
Loose wire or connection Remove unit top cover and front panel.
Check all wires and connections, be certain none are loose or disconnected.
Repair loose connections, and/or wires and reattach.
Strainer (in solenoid) Strainer may be plugged – clean screen or replace
Start Brew Switch Check switch continuity. If switch does not make and break contact, replace switch.
Timer When Start Brew Switch is pressed, the timer should activate. The timer should continue to operated until the cycle is completed. If not, replace the timer.
Water Solenoid Valve Check both solenoid valves for continuity at the terminals of the solenoid valve coil. If no continuity, replace either solenoid valve coil or the complete solenoid.
Check both Solenoid Valves for correct flow. Replace valve If it varies more than 10% of it’s gpm (gallons per minute) required.
Brewed volume Too much Tea or too little Tea Timer Timer need adjustment. Turn timer adjustment for desired volume change, turn CLOCKWISE to INCREASE the volume or COUNTERCLOCKWISE to DECREASE the volume.
Check timer cycle several times with a stopwatch. If times are Irregular, replace the timer.
Turn at small increments to avoid large volumn variation.
Flow restrictor in output end of water solenoid valve Dirty, missing, damaged or inoperative flow restrictor. Replace the water solenoid valve. Particles in the water solenoid valve may partially clog the orifice to the flow restrictor.
Water pressure variations All automatic brewers require a constant water pressure between 30 and 70 PSI for consistent, trouble-free operation.
Wide swinging water pressures lead to erratic delivery. A pressure regulator may be needed to stabilize high running pressures.
A water source that falls below 30 PSI results In short pots or erratic volume delivery.

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