Bodum Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

Bodum Coffee Machine Troubleshooting How to start coffee maker repair on your own? First, you need to identify the problem. You will find help in the table describing the main causes of breakdowns and methods of repair without additional assistance.

Bodum Coffee Machine Troubleshooting Solutions

No water flow1. Not connected to power supply1. Unplug the machine and then plug it back in again, check switch is on
2. Power socket failure2. Check the socket and fuse
3. Water inlet tap closed3. Check that the water inlet tap is open. Check your water supply and pressure
4. Water supply blockage or low water pressure
No hot water1. Hot tank is not turned on1. Turn on the hot tank switch at the back
2. Excessive hot water use2. Test again after 5 minutes
3. The machine was in power saving mode3. Wait for the hot tank to reach maximum temperature
No cold water1. Excessive cold water use1. Test again after 25 minutes
2. If unused for an extended period, ice can build up in the, cold water tank2. Turn off the power and wait 2 hours before turning it back on
Bodum bistro leaking1. Drip tray is full and overflowing1. Empty the drip tray and dry thoroughly before replacing
2. Leak inside the Bodum bistro2. Turn off the power and water, please contact Bodum bistroTechnical Support
Odour from the water1. New machine1. Drain 2L of water from each tank
2. The machine has not been used for a long period2. Replace the MAXI filter cartridge
3. The filter has not been replaced when necessary3. Replace the MAXI filter cartridge

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