Antunes VCT Bun Toaster Troubleshooting
Antunes VCT Bun Toaster Troubleshooting

Antunes VCT Bun Toaster Troubleshooting

Antunes VCT Bun Toaster Troubleshooting Antunes’ Vertical Contact Toaster (VCT) is designed to effectively toast everything from buns to rolls. Formerly known as the Roundup VCT Bun Toaster, this piece of equipment is a mainstay in many fast food restaurants and dining establishments around the world.

Antunes VCT Bun Toaster Troubleshooting Solutions

Unfortunately, a broken unit can “toast” your commercial kitchen in a hurry. Luckily, we have troubleshooting tips for an Antunes VCT Bun Toaster to diagnose what is ailing your machine. This guide helps you identify your unit’s symptoms and lets you know when to contact an authorized service technician for assistance.

Buns Not Toasting Properly or Burning

  • Control display flashes “LO” – Whenever the platen temperature falls below 440°F, wait 30 minutes and before rechecking the unit to see if it warmed up. If not, contract an authorized technician. Other possible factors could be a faulty platen, a failed platen solid state relay, a defective platen thermocouple or bad wiring in the circuit. These also would need to be repaired by an authorized technician.
  • Control display flashes “HI” – Similar to a flashing “LO” display, a “HI” reading also could be tied to a failed platen solid state relay, platen thermocouple and control board. In most cases, the thermocouple connection will need to be re-secured or replaced by an authorized technician.
  • Incorrect temperature settings – Make sure the platen temperature is set at 600°F and the auxiliary temperature is at 400°F.
  • Worn or dirty belt wraps – See if the belt wraps aren’t sticky or are worn out or dirty. If your unit is used regularly, the belt wraps should be replaced every three to six months. See your owner’s manual for cleaning and replacement instructions.
  • Worn, dirty or non-OEM release sheet – Be sure you’re using a real OEM Antunes release sheet. If that’s not the issue, check if the release sheet is torn, worn or dirty. If your unit is used regularly, make sure to replace the sheet every four to six weeks. See your owner’s manual for cleaning and replacement instructions.
  • Conveyor issues – If the conveyor belt chains are skipping, measure and adjust them immediately. Check your owner’s manual for proper instructions. The conveyor safety interlock switch also might not be activated by the heat shield. Readjust the ajar shield or have it replaced by an authorized technician if damaged.

Conveyor Not Turning

  • Drive motor overheated or failed – If the drive motor is overheated, let your unit cool and check for anything blocking near the sprockets. You may need to adjust the conveyor belt. If the motor has failed completely, contact an authorized technician to repair.
  • Drive chain issues – A faulty drive chain can prevent the conveyor from turning properly. First, see if the chain needs to be lubricated. Consult your owner’s manual for the proper OEM lubricate. Second, see if the motor drive chain came off its sprockets. If so, you’ll need to have the chain reinstalled by an authorized technician.
  • Heat shield needs to be adjusted or replaced – Check if the safety interlock switch isn’t activated. If it is, reposition the heat shield. You’ll need to have the heat shield replaced by an authorized technician if it’s bent or damaged.

Control Display Flashes “PO,” “CHEC,” and “HI” & “USE”

  • Flashing “PO” continuously – When the control display flashes “PO” continuously, your unit could either have below 190 volts of power or a failed transformer or control board. Try switching the unit off and back on again. If “PO” is still displaying, look for damage on the power cold or outlet or reset the circuit breakers. You may need to contact an authorized technician or electrician if issues persist.
  • Flashing “CHEC” continuously – Whenever you see this displayed, the control compartment’s temperature is over 140°F or either the cooling fan or control board has failed. Before diving deep into your toaster, check that your unit’s side vents aren’t blocked or near other warm appliances. If “CHEC” still displays, contact an authorized technician.
  • Flashing “HI” and “LO” then “HI” and “USE” – If your machine flashes “HI” and “LO” at startup and then “HI” and “USE” after 20 or 30 minutes, the auxiliary thermocouple connection on the control board could be loose or the thermocouple is open. Contact an authorized technician to refasten the connection or check for continuity.

No Control Display

  • Check the plug – See if the power cord is unplugged or was knocked out of outlet, plug it back in.
  • Tripped high-limit control – Make sure the unit cools down, and reset the high-limit control. Contact an an authorized technician if it trips again.
  • Circuit breakers off or tripped – If your circuit breakers are tripped or off, reset it. If they still trip, see if your rocker switch, power cord, plug and outlet are broken. You may need to contact an authorized technician or electrician to resolve the issue.

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