LG Microwave Error Codes
LG Microwave Error Codes

LG Microwave Error Codes

LG Microwave Error Codes LG microwave error code f3 This error occurs when the electronic control detects a failure. If you see the code on the display, and your microwave is beeping, press CLEAR/OFF and stop it. Turn off the house breaker in the house breaker box (there are two switches in it) and wait for 5 minutes. Use both switches to reset the whole system and clear all possible glitches.

LG Microwave Error Code Solutions

LG microwave oven error code e-10

The E10 error code indicates a short circuit in the system. In some cases, resetting can work. Unplug your microwave for about 5 minutes, plug it back in and see if the electronics start working again. If they do not, replace the display board. You may want to repair it instead, because an LG display board is worth around $150.

Other error codes

Does your microwave oven display an error code on the display? Find in the table the cause of the malfunction at which this symbol is displayed. Each error code also indicates a possible solution to the problem.

F1 Thermistor Open No heat or thermistor sensing error.
F2 Thermistor short for cooking No heat in 10 seconds after cooking starts.
F3 Thermistor short after cooking Thermistor temp, does not go down after cooking ends.
F4 Sensor open Humidity sensor sensing error.
F5 Damper switch Damper switch sensing error.

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